Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 21 May 2022 Written Update: Anu fullfils gungun wish

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 21 May 2022 Written Update begins with anu asking to gungun please take rest, gungun asks please don’t leave me alone. Anu said i can’t leave you alone and get emotional. Anu remembered charu words and said to gungun don’t worry and i will find a way to solve our problem. Then anu said to gungun don’t go to the USA. Gungun said if i can’t go to the USA ranvijay married me.

Anubhav asking to gungun why you fear to seen ranvijay. Gungun thinks of herself if i am here ranvijay blames you that’s why i feel fear about ranvijay. Anu asking to gungun what you are thinking. Anu said don’t fear because you are mine and you are my responsibility. The nurse coming to gungun room and asking her are you alright. Gungun said i am ok, asking to nurse do you have sindhoor. Nurse said yes and go to her room to bring sindhoor.

After that Gungun asked her doctor uncle if mom reached the hospital please stop her for a few minutes. Doctor asking to gungun why sindhoor. Gungun said anubhav is my husband. Doctor asking to gungun why I stopped her. Gungun said anubhav to put vermillion on my forehead, If mom comes here it’s not possible. Suddenly maya called the doctor and informed to him i am at hospital, asking him about the gungun situation. Doctor said it’s fine and i will met you.

Maya said to ranvijay doctor to come here to meet us. Ranvijay asking to maya why doctor come here. Maya said i don’t know. Maya asking to doctor anubhav with gungun or not. The doctor said no. Golu and akriti, yug reached the hospital and asking to maya how gungun situation. Maya said she is fine and anubhav not here in this hospital and informed them ranvijay married gungun right now here in this hospital.

Anubhav gets phone call from akriti. Doctor asking to gungun if your mom seen vermillion on your forehead how she stop the marriage. Gungun said i will said to her i am already married. Doctor said ok and informed them i will try to stop your mom. Nurse bring the vermillion, Anu put vermillion on gungun forehead. Ranvijay asked maya i will met gungun at any cost. Maya said to him just wait a few minutes, call the doctor. The doctor said i will come there.

Anubhav came side, ranvijay asking anubhav how dare you touch my wife. Anubhav asking to ranvijay when will happen marriage. Ranvijay try top slaps anubhav. Golu said it’s hospital don’t behave like stupid. Maya said to doctor this is my hospital and i will perform here ranvijay and gungun marriage. Anubhav gets shocked. Doctor asking to maya please speak with gungun, Akriti asking anubhav let’s go to the home.

All the family members enter the gungun room, ranvijay try to touch gungun but gungun said don’t touch me. Maya said to gungun ranvijay brings vermillion to put on your forehead. Ranvijay try to put vermillion on gungun forehead. Anubhav seen gungun side. To know what happen in next episode follow zeal study web portal.