Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 20 May 2022 Written Update; Anubhav Expresses His Love

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 20 May 2022 Written Update is Maya said to Kulshreshths in front of me anubhav taken gungun to the hospital with out our permission. Charu said to her my son can’t do anything wrong. Another anu family member said if any other women in place gungun anubhav done same. Maya said don’t justify what anubhav does right now here because if me and ranvijay not here it’s acceptable what he done but we here but he try to became a hero in gungun point of view.

Kulshreshths feels when maya speaks rude. Then maya said to akriti why you can’t stop your husband when he takes Gungun to the hospital. Akriti said to maya why you angry on anubhav, mistake done by gungun. Maya said are you mad, Akriti said gungun when performing dance come closer to anubhav and asking to maya why gungun gifted an expensive ring. Maya said to akriti what you said gungun likes anubhav.

Akriti said yes, Kulshreshths shocked. Akriti said when anubhav returns the gift to gungun her ego hurts, That’s why gungun acts like this. Maya said to akriti just shut up and you try to support your husband and don’t blame my daughter’s character. Also maya said gungun loves ranvijay that’s why she accepted this marriage. Ranvijay mother asking to maya gungun at hospital, how this marriage happens. Maya said we set another date for marriage. Garima shouts please stop it.

Garima said gungun at the hospital and we are all discussing her marriage. Charu said anubhav can’t do mistake. Maya said police identify who did a mistake. Charu shocked when listen police name. Akriti said to may i will call police before you and give a complaint on gungun because she disturb my married life. Charu asked his family members to go home. Golu says me and yug went to the hospital. Maya ask them why. Golu said to know gungun health condition. At hospital doctor starts treatment for gungun. Anubhav seen gungun condition and crying.

Gungun asking the doctor if anubhav here please call me here i will talk to him because he his my husband. Doctors come outside and ask anubhav what is the relationship with gungun. Anubhav said she is my wife. The doctor said gungun wants to talk with you. Anubhav confronts gungun and expresses his feeling for her and said to gungun akriti in my home and you are in my heart and said i love you.