Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 18 May 2022 Written Update: Gungun Faces Humiliation

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 18 May 2022 Written Update is Akriti said to maya in few days anubhav and me went outside. Maya asking the United States. Anubhav says Switzerland. Gungun is shocked and comes close to anubhav said congratulations. Akriti smiles, Gungun said don’t forget my marriage and please come for my marriage. Anubhav aid doesn’t forget your marriage. Charu family member asking to gungun you already married and why can’t put sindhoor on your forehead.

Gungun says my marriage is not true. Golu shocked, Gungun said my marriage happen soon with ranvijay. Akriti asking to gungun why you told us already marriage is over. Gungun said it’s just a joke. Then anubhav said i hope this marriage is not a joke. Charu asking anubhav what happened and why you stand silently. Then anubhav said congratulations to Gungun and said all the best. Golu said to his brother gungun changed after her dad death,

Maya said to anubuhav, gungun why you don’t for marriages. Sunanda said anu wife like a diamond, Gungun said to akriti please come with my marriage along with your husband. Anubhav said i will come for marriage. Akriti said to gungun nice ring after seeing diamond ring. Gungun said my dad given this ring to anubhav as a wedding gift but he return to me. Akriti asking anubhav you said to me lose the ring. Anubhav said i forgot it.

After that anubhav asking to gungun this gift given to me your father. Gungun said yes & said to him how i can given this gift to you, i don’t have money, leave Kulshreshthas. Anubhav remembered his wedding day. At gungun home maya prepared everything for gungun marriage. Later both garima and her husband come for marriage. Maya asking to garima seen gungun ready for marriage or not. Then garima reached to gungun room and identified when she taken vitamin tablets. Other end ranvijay family performing wedding dance, Anu family members come for marriage.