Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 16 May 2022 Written Update For Episode 115

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 16 May 2022 Written Update begins with ranvijay’s parents speaking with gungun about her dad. Maya is asking them to please have some coffee. Gungun crying, Maya said to them till the year completed we couldn’t do gungun marriage but ranvijay dad said our priest informed to us if performing a pooja can do marriage at our home and asking to maya if you said ok i will speak with our priest. Anubhav comes to gungun home.

Maya asking to gungun please have some sweets. Gungun said i don’t like it, Ranvijay father said to maya our priest informed us this thursday is good day for marriage. Anubhav enter the gungun home and listen maya, ranvijay marriage details and went outside but suddenly his phone ring’s maya, gungun and ranvijay family seen him. After that ranvijay introduced his family members to anubhav. Ranvijay father asking to him who is he. Ranvijay says he his gungun best friend, Then his dad says you must come for marriage.

After that ranvijay given sweet to anubhav, anubhav said congratulations. After that anubhav given to some gift to gungun and said this gift for your marriage and said congratulations and went out from her home. Ranvijay asking to gungun what is that gift, Gungun don’t give him and went to her room and open the gift box and saw its diamond ring. Charu shown his marriage pictures to all the family members. Anubhav returned home, akriti said to anubhav after completion of your work we spend some quality time. Anu said ok, Charu smiles.

Anubhav is asking akriti where we are going. Golu asking to anu we speak with you aline. Akriti asking him what it is. Golu said it’s personnel. Maya asking gungun are you decided to marry the theme, Garima return to home, Maya said i think you come after marriage. Garima asking who’s marriage. Maya said gungun agree for marriage. Maya said everyone is asking me who is gungun husband so that’s why i decided to do gungun marriage. Garima asks who his groom. Maya said ranvijay.