Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 10 May 2022 Written Update: Maya Calls Akriti

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 10 May 2022 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 110 Spoiler is Anu return to home, All the family members sit together. When anu enters the home Sunanda asking him are you in the lab or not. Anubhav said i am in the lab because i am preparing for the Kashmir Science Convention.

Suddenly akriti mobile rings, Akriti seen her phone, recognized maya called to her phone. Akriti lift the phone maya said don’t think about gungun. Akriti ask why, Maya says must think about your husband because he come to met gungun at her house. Akriti asking to maya how did you know. Maya say i am the person seeing him when comes to gungun home.

After that family members asking to anu are you going to met gungun. Charu said i think we are useless if speaking with him. Akriti said you caught finally after saying so many lies. Anubhav asks what is that means. In the previous episode anubhav tries to stop gungun from running away from her problems and expresses his feelings for her.

Today’s Episode Story Begins with (updating)

In today’s episode maya asking to anubhav what you doing here and said i know why you are here. Anu said i am not like someone who likes gungun for her money but i am here only because i genuinely care for her. May said if you want to care for someone then care for your wife, i am there for gungun by the way does akriti know you are here.

Anu said i am not a kid or slave to inform her before going anywhere. Maya said this man lies to his family and wife to come here, he couldn’t even be honest to his family and wife how will be honest to you, i think that he is eyeing your property. Anu asking to gungun do you also feel the same?. Gungun said i just know that i don’t want you to come here.

Anubhav said i will be there for you and i will always keep my promise. At home akriti and other family members seen marriage photograph. At that time akriti asking the family members to see photographs because she get a mail from college. Akriti checks the mail i.e she is transferred to another department. Family members asking to akriti what happened. She said about mail.

Later anu return to home, maya called to akriti and informed her about anu met gungun at home. Before that maya said to akriti i am taking gungun with me to USA. Akriti said to maya gungun married and how you can taken her with you. Akriti informed to family members anu met gungun at her home. Family members scolds him. After that maya asking to gungun please come with me to USA. Maya said to gungun if you come to the USA must start your career. After that maya asking to gungun to sell the property. Gungun says except this house you sell anything.