Kabhi Kabhi Ittefeq Se 13 April 2022 Written Update: Gungun Said Anubhav you like average things.

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefeq Se 13 April 2022 Written Update for Season 1 Episode 86. All the family members attended the marriage rituals of anu, akriti. At that time gungun said to akriti i will bring wedding gifts for you from us. After that anu comes to gungun and said so you knew today is our pre-wedding music ceremony?.

Then gungun said i knew that it is akriti’s pre-wedding music ceremony, If i knew that you are the groom & i never buy such expensive gifts, You don’t like expensive gifts, right?. or should it say. When gungun speaking with anu riddesh silently listen gungun words, Gungun crying, golu feels sad. After that gungun said you only like average things. To know what happen Kabhi Kabhi Ittefeq Se 13 April 2022 Episode follow zeal study.

In the previous episode garima initially rejects akriti’s offer to stay with her, Citing that she promised gungun. However, She reconsiders her propositions as akriti keeps persisting. To know upcoming StarPlus serial spoiler alerts follow zeal study.