Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 9 May 2022 Written Update Episode 109: Anu Confesses His Feelings

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 9 May 2022 Written Update Episode 109 begins with Anu coming to the college to explain what he did in the future and met with the principal. Once he met with the principal she asked why would you married akriti, gungun. Anu said situation demands, i can’t avoid gungun. Also anubhav informed to principal searching jobs at abroad. Principal asking to him why?.

Anubhav said i can’t manage the situations so i would like to go far away to another job abroad. Principal asks anubhav akriti know about marriage with gungun. Anu says it’s confidential so couldn’t inform others. The principal asks again what akriti knows about the second marriage. Anu says i don’t have an answer at the present situation, asking the principal to favour him. Initially the principal says no but think few minutes, informed to anubhav i will transfer akriti to another department.

Then anu said ok. At home anubhav sisters come to akriti room to give a shirt, remind sindhoor on the shirt, said to akriti it’s the memory of your marriage. At that time akriti thinks this sindhoor which is marked on the shirt is not mine, thinks anubhav cheats me. After that the principal informed to anubhav about the science convention at Jammu Kashmir, asking him to visit the convention. Anubhav agreed and went to gungun home.

Later anubhav recognized gungun packs bags to leave the city, Anubhav asking to gungun why would you pack the bag. Gungun said if i am stay here i will remember my dad’s memories so i want some free space. Then anubhav tries to stop gungun from running away from her problems and expresses his feelings for her.