Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 7 May 2022 Written Update: Akriti thinks now battle begins

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 7 May 2022 Written Update for Episode 108 Spoiler is Charu said to akriti you came to this house with several ambitions but here you didn’t get anything else other than tears. Also charu said but please don’t worry i promise you that you wan’t experience any other issues. Akriti crying in front of family members.

At the same time akriti thinks what i wisher for happened ” Here on anubhav’s family will fight my fight. When akriti thinking sunanda, charu feel sad and ask her don’t cry. To know what charu and other family members said to anu when he return from garima house, What is akriti plan subscribe Disney Plus Hotstar.

In previous episode while performing the last rites of Dr.Riddesh, gungun gets drowned in the water, but anubhav saves her, Garima and gungun along with anubhav went for home, golu & yug return their home. Charu and other family members sympathise with akriti and asking to golu about anu. Golu explains what happen to gungun.

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 7 May 2022 Written Episode

Golu said garima, anu taken garima to their house. Sunanda said anu taken responsibility and finally save gungun life. Golu brother asking him why you are asking anu to come with you. Golu said gungun holds anubhav hands and taken him with them, other brother said he think they needs him that’s why he went with them. Yug said to family members we are all know how anubhav thinks.

Yug brother’s wife said anu is not a kid and he think about gungun it’s good thing but he had wife now and he think about his wife. Charu said to akriti please forgive me came to this house with several ambitions but here you didn’t get anything else other than tears. Also charu said but please don’t worry i promise you that you wan’t experience any other issues.

At home the doctor check to gungun health and asking to garima please comeout one second. Garima asking to the doctor how is gungun health is. Doctor says not a problem but to know any internal injuries must be taken x-ray. Garima asked the doctor why gungun can’t speak now. Doctor says because she is shocked because of her dad sudden death and she can’t deal with that.

Also doctor said because of stress she attempted suicide. Anu asking the doctor is their any chances she try again. Doctor say yes garima feels fear. Then doctor says don’t leave alone and she need meditation and soon she will be normal, said to garima if any problem please call me. Anu said to garima i will sit with gungun and after that went to my home because family members feel fear.

Garima asking to gungun please eat something. But gungun denied. Anu also try to eat something to gungun. Gungun denied, Anu said if you can’t eat again you admitted into the hospital, gungun starts eating. Anu said thanks and went to his home. Gungun holds anu hands. After that anu return to home, charu and other family said to anu please stop their.

Charu asking to anu first you have to clarify whether you done mistake or not. Anu said sorry, Other family members said don’t said sorry because charu will angry on you. Then akriti asking to please forgive anu mistake. Sunanda said to anubhav you done mistake but akriti forgive you. Charu said to anu everyone in the family supports akriti.

Then charu said we stay with gungun and we do what she need but you don’t do anything to gungun. Akriti also said same thing to anu. Then anu said to them i don’t care what you have to do but what i do for her i can do. Charu berates anu for prioritizing gungun over akriti and tells him that he doesn’t have to take care of her anymore. Elsewhere, ranvijay blackmails gungun i.e said to you marriage anu. Then gungun given 5 lakh rupee check. Ranvijay said i can’t ask your money but you need send money to me every month on 1st day.

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