Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 2 May 2022 Written Update: Riddhesh is no more

Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 2 May 2022 Written Update for episode 103 is anubhav finally return to home from hospital. At home charu, Sunanda other family members wait for him. When anu reached charu asking him where you are going. His dad is also asking how to leave your wife in the middle of marriage rituals and went to the hospital.  Anu said human life is important, Sunanda also supports her son words. After that anu father said ok but this is the time complete marriage rituals.

At room anu sit with his wife akriti. Family members gave gifts to her, asking her did you like the gift. Akriti smiles and said yes, Family members taken selfie with them. Other end garima family members questioned her why gungun leave the marriage. She said riddesh is hospitalized because of a heart stroke, gungun stay with her father. Also garmia said i am also went to the hospital to see Riddesh.

At the hospital doctor informed to gungun riddesh is dead, and informed your family members. Gungun said dad you also leave me alone, please dad wake up and see me, crying.  Anu continually phoned gungun but she can’t lift the phone and he remembered puts vermillion on gungun’s forehead and sang saw. Garima comes to meet charu family. The doctor phoned anubhav and said riddesh is no more. Anu return to hospital. Charu asking to yug please asking to anubhav come to the hall from his room. Charu family members know anu went to hospital. Akriti reacts as she does not find anubhav in between the functions.