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Ishq Mein Marjawan 27 August 2020 Written Update: Riddhima make duplicate key

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27 August 2020 Written Update telly updates begins with riddhima open the box seen saree and gold & silver coins and another statue at secret room. After that vansh searching for riddhima but aryan seen the vansh says bhai i think you at secret room but what are you doing here & who is their. Vansh went to secret room side, Aryan think himself let’ see what riddhima did now. In the secret room riddhima seen statue and photograph which is placed on the wall, think herself who is that lady and what is the connection with vansh.

Vansh reach the secret room door and searching for key, Aryan seen secretly what vansh did and vansh taken the key from the purse.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27 August 2020 Written Update

Aryan think about the key, Vansh placed the key and open the secret room door and went to downstairs. When vansh reach the secret room riddhima think her self what vansh did for her and listen the sound (Vansh secret room key fell down on the floor) and hide her self at behind the cupboard. Once vansh reach the statue says “dokay baj”. Riddhima listen what vansh said (mera dokay dene wala sath mein khel sakta) from behind the cupboard.

Riddhima think her self “to vansh lagta hai ragini ki tarah is aurat ne bi dokay diay iskayliya vansh isko katam karakay ragini tarah satue bana diya”. Then vansh leave the secret room and other end aryan wait out side of the room, asking to vansh kiske sath jhagda. Vansh says diwaro ke sath and ask to aryan please consult to best doctor and check your mind

IMMJ2 27 August 2020 Written Update

Later riddhima came outside, aryan seen her and asking to riddhima how can you get key if vansh have the key (When riddhima get the key from vansh she made a duplicate key). After that riddhima says i know you build trap for me and leave the aryan.

After that riddhima bring the juice for vansh but she listen broken glass sound, vansh open the door and riddhima seen room and asking you need any help but vansh broken a glass and went outside. Riddhima thinks what happen to him. Later  riddhima realized initially vansh murdered then made a statue. Other end dadi says lord ganesh stories. Riddhima listen what dadi said and went to secret room, vansh playing piano and dressed like mystery statue girl, run in front of vansh. Vansh says laketha.