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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Writtten Update, Thursday, February 9th, 2021 Episode 188

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update for 9th February 2021 begins with Riddhima think herself pregnant or not for confirmation must test my self. Ishani crying in front of vansh asking to him at any cost you save my children and you promise me. Vansh says situation is critical and what happen is happen and we don’t stops and asking to ishani please don’t cry. Riddhima come to ishani room and asking to her please don’t feel stress, Ishani said you don’t know my feelings and asking to vansh, riddhima, angre please leave my room and leave me alone.

Later riddhima think in this situation how can i said to vansh iam pregnant, Ishani remembered aryan words i.e if vansh marry riddhima your not first priority and crying. Once vansh leave her room riddhima wake up from bed, taken her childhood photo which consists vansh on the photo and cut into two parts and crying to think about vansh wears a dress which is presented by riddhima. Also Ishani holds diamond neckless and thrown neckless and said because of riddhima our relationship broken.

Vansh playing basketball alone and think himself who try to kill me and doctor words i.e i couldn’t save both mother and baby i will save only mother. Other end ishani try to walk alone and at that time fallen on the floor. Suddenly someone holds ishani hands, She thinks vansh holds her hand and smiles but kabir holds ishani hands. Kabir says you think vansh, Ishani says yes but he only saves riddhima life. Kabir says ishani please don’t worry if vansh stands with riddhima remembered me i will stay with you

At kitchen riddhima preparing the curry but she don’t recognized fire catches her dress, Suddenly kabir comes to kitchen and drags riddhima from fire. Riddhima says thank you, Kabir asking to riddhima i will speak about vansh because after accident vansh stay away from us. Riddhima given soup to kabir and leave the kitchen. Once riddhima leave the kitchen kabir think himself god also think about us. Riddhima comes to vansh, Vansh asking to riddhima leave me alone.

Riddhima kiss vansh, Vansh again asking to riddhima please leave me alone because don’t deserve love and because of me ishani baby died. Then riddhima asking to vansh please calm down because it’s not happen because of you. At that time courier boy comes to VR Mansion, Kabir pick the courier. Riddhima think about parcel, Kabir brings the parcel and given to the riddhima but she don’t know kabir open the parcel and know she is pregnant.

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