Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 55 Written Update 15th Sep 2020 Voot

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 55 Written Update begins with riddhima. Riddhima thinks herself what happen around me, what is the vansh plan for tomorrow, Think herself sunny murder incident & about mask man and why he comes to kill me. Other end vansh stand at room entrance, Riddhima feels stressed. At that time vansh enters the room asking her don’t panic, doctor says you don’t feel stress. Riddhima said to vansh about mask man. Vansh asking her who is that mask man. Riddhima explains about mask man i.e mask man wear the yellow color glove and cover the face with block color mask.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 55

When vansh and riddhima discussing about mask man. Once again mask man enters the house, watching to vansh & riddhima. After that vansh said to his wife i promised you no one can not reach your room surroundings and leaves the room. When vansh leaves the room mask man also went from room.

After that vansh speaks with anger first time i will face the problem and try to find the solution and think himself who is person try to kill me. Anger says i think riddhima partner can do this. Vansh says if riddhima partner did this he kills me but he shoot riddhima.

IMMJ2 15th Sep 2020 Written Update

Also vansh said to anger riddhima informed to me yellow color mask man try to kill me and why riddhima partner try to kill her i think kuch toh gadbad hai anger. At that time anu priya enters vansh, anger discussion room.

Other end daadi visit riddhima room, explains to her vansh performing a pooja because of you and you get well from the incident. Riddhima asking to daadi what are you saying to me vansh went to temple and performing pooja for me. Daadi say yes, Riddhima says vansh is nastik. Daadi says because of you he changed.

Anu Priya said i know your think about riddhima but you just take care of yourself also. Vansh said no because my family in trouble. At any time mask man try to attack on me. Once listen the vansh voice anu priya gets shocked.

Once daadi speaks with mask man listen what they speaks. Few minutes later daadi leaves the room riddhima recognized some one focus on me, Mask man suddenly leaves the room. After that riddhima went outside from the room and recognized message on the mirror and call to vansh.

Vansh asking to riddhima what happen. Riddhima says some one write a note on mirror let’s watch. Vansh seen the mirror said to riddhima i can’t seen anything. Riddhima says someone written with lipstick on this mirror.

Later daadi asking to leaves everyone from the room, leave to riddhima alone. Everyone leaves the room, Ishani smiles to seen the riddhima. After that vansh again asking to riddhima i can’t seen anything on mirror. But riddhima shown lipstick mark on the mirror

Later vansh asking to riddhima you must taken the rest & leaves the room. Once vansh leaves the room again riddhima open the lipstick try to check the both lipsticks are same or not & think herself who did this.

After that riddhima went to ishani room. At that time ishani hold the lipstick. Later riddhima think herself i will informed to vansh about this and try to catch the ishani lipstick but suddenly riddhima thrown ishani, Ishani fell down on the floor. Vansh enters the room and asking to ishani what happen

Ishani said riddhima try to stolen my cosmetics. Aryan mother says riddhima if you need lipstick must said to vansh.