Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 53 Written Update: Mysteries man try to kill riddhima

IMMJ2 Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 53 Written Update 12th September 2020 Promo begins with Mysteries man enters riddhima room when she stays on a ventilator. Once enters the room, try to destroy the ventilator setup like stops oxygen circulation and try to remove the ventilation mask from riddhima face. When mystery man try to remove her mask riddhima wake up and seen him. At that time mysteries man remove the mask. Other end vansh starts praying, ask to bappa to save riddhima.

Later vansh entered riddhima room and placed sindoor on riddhima’s forehead. After that vansh recognized heart beat meter gets shocked

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 53 Written Update

In previous episode kabir entered vansh mansion and shoot with his gun to vansh. But mistakenly bullet hits riddhima. In today episode reveled what happen to riddhima. Stay tune with zeal study. Provided complete story

Today episode begins with kabir think himself and said to mystery person vansh identified riddhima is a spy and behind her some one stay and help to her to do something at mansion and he plan to recognized me. Some many years of hard work, because of riddhima how could i abort the mission, If mission aborted complete hard work are wasted and riddhima did so many scarifies for this mission.

Also, Kabir says to mystery person till the date police persons who try to find vansh killed by him, At that time i will found riddhima because she is a orphan and know one behind her that why she is the perfect person for this mission. After that kabir says on the day of vansh, riddhima marriage she think i will come to save her but i will went mansion to kill her

Later kabir explains his plan to mystery person i.e (initially mystery person went to mansion and setup the gun and targets vansh when riddhima seen. At that time i will come to mansion and targets the vansh, Then riddhima try to save him and regain the his trustworthy)

IMMJ2 Episode 53 Written Update

After that vansh went riddhima room and seen her when she is in ventilator, Think himself she saved my live. Later kabir discussing with mystery person after this shoot out vansh finally trust her and exchange the wine glasses. Then kabir says from now onwords you will run the story.

Daadi reached the home and asking to vansh how could happen this. Once you informed to me through phone we are all fell fear and return to home, Seen blood on vansh jocked asked to him i will seen riddhima now, please bring me to her room.

Other end anu priya seen aryan when he come from outside and asking him where are you going. Aryan says i will went outside from the farmhouse and i am informed to mom. Later aryan mom says bhabi ishani also missing. At that time she returns to home. Aryan mom says asking her she returned home