Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th September 2020 Written Update: Riddhima finds ragini dairy

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th September 2020 Written Update Spoiler starts with IMMJ2 Female Lead Character Riddhima. Riddhima express her decision that is she leaves the vansh house to someone. Before leaving the house she decided to know the truth about ragini, went to the backyard and searching for ragini dead body. When she digs ragini’s grave finds secret dairy.

When riddhima holds the secret dairy unknown person (wearing the mask) watching secretly. After that riddhima opens the dairy cover page, seen ragini name on it & went to her room, write a letter to the kabir, pack the dairy and letter handover to the delivery boy.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th September 2020 Written Update

Vansh informed to his family members chota sa outing keliya we are all went to the farm house. Daadi smiles, Vansh asking to riddhima stay at house. To know complete sneak peek of the IMMJ2 9th Sep 2020 Episode follow zeal study.

Here it is the Episode 50 Complete Written Story which consists so many twists. Know the story know

  • Riddhima recall the hole story i.e she contacted kabir through torch, Kabir sent sunny to vansh house and sunny murdered, Decided to her self leave the vansh house but before leaving the house must know the truth and inform to kabir
  • Once again try to digs for ragini body and seen her personnel dairy. Other end mask man watching to riddhima
  • After that riddhima enters the house, All are watching to riddhima. Later vansh ask to family members to spend some time at farmhouse, Riddhima says i am not feeling well and i will stay here. Vansh says it’s ok i will stay here, caring you.
  • Ishani also says i can’t go to the farmhouse. Vansh says i know you can’t feel well that’s why i planning this.
  • Later chachi asking to vansh what are you doing here you and bhabi. Daadi smiles. Siya said they are new couple and they need some privacy.
  • After that aryan asking to riddhima let’s watch what happen after this outing and informed to riddhima just remembered you only one person in this house to stay with vansh just
  • Then riddhima went to upstairs, Daadi asking to riddhima what happen why you feel nervous and says be happy because vansh given another chance to stay with him.
  • This time aryan asking to ishani just remember vansh bro did same thing. Ishani smiles and says i think vansh repeat the history once again, Aryan says exactly.
  • Other end riddhima read the ragini diary which is written by ragini. When riddhima read the dairy mystery person open the riddhima room door, try to stolen the dairy but riddhima recover the dairy from mystery person, Think herself to send this dairy to kabir.