Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th October 2020 Written Update: Kabir try to stolen box

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th October 2020 Written Update spoiler out, Full episode 78 of IMMJ2 9 Oct 2020 available on VOOT Select android, iOS App today night around 8.00 PM for monthly, yearly premium subscribers. Also, upcoming episode telecast on tomorrow 7.00 PM only on Colors TV. For more serial updates follow zeal study

IMMJ Episode 78 promo begins with Riddhima reached the coal filled room to retrive the box but suddenly fire spread across the room. Riddhima try to hold the box, kabir entered the room as a fireman but riddhima don’t no kabir entered the room. Fireman asking to riddhima leave the room. Once riddhima leaves the room kabir hold the box, try to escape from the VR mansion. But Riddhima asking to fireman box belongs to me. So return the box, promo ends

In previous episode riddhima gets a phone gift from vansh later riddhima try to exposing the anu priya truth in front of vansh but chanchal, aryan theft the mysterious box and try to open the box, riddhima known chanchal theft the box. After that riddhima phone to kabir and said about anu priya try to hide secret. Kabir listen what riddhima said to him, think himself how stolen the box.

IMMJ2 9th Oct 2020

In previous episode chanchal shouts please help me. Both aryan, riddhima went to chanchal room, seen them across the room fire spread and chanchal shouts please save me. Daadi phone to fire brigade. After that riddhima, aryan saves chanchal. Then fireman comes to vansh mansion, Riddhima try to hold the box. But fireman asking to riddhima leave the room.

Riddhima leaves the room, asking to chanchal how you feel now and asking to chanchal how fire spread across the room. Kabir entered vansh mansion as a fireman along with his assistant. Then anu priya said to riddhima you lose the box. At the same time kabir try to escape the VR mansion along with box.

Then riddhima realized anu priya sets the fire to theft the box, running towards the chanchal room, asking to fireman please don’t runaway from here. Kabir think herself if riddhima seen me my plan is failed. Riddhima asking to him please return the box, But kabir hits on riddhima legs, try to escape from the house.

Riddhima try to chase kabir. Daadi think herself what happen in this house. After that riddhima thrown water pipe on kabir, kabir falls on the floor. Then riddhima try to return the box but kabir once again hits on riddhima legs and shown to weapon.

Riddhima thrown dust on kabir face, he fires the gun and run away from the house. Riddhima lose the box. But suddenly daadi fallen on the floor. Aryan seen daadi. Riddhima think herself when fireman fires the gun buttllet hits on daadi neck.

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