Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th March 2021 Written Update For Hindi Serial Episode 212

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Update for 9th March 2021 Episode 212. Looking for what happen to kabir, aryan, What to do vansh and angre once catches wealthy sheikh subscribe VOOT Select Premium membership for monthly or yearly. Here below provided IMMJ2 9th March 2021 Upcoming Episode Story for our readers.

In previous episode Vansh and Riddhima celebrated their happy moments and other end ishani said to anupriya i couldn’t help you, If riddhima know about us she informed to vansh. Once ishani, anupriya speaking together kabir comes to kitchen and informed to them if anything happens to riddhima and her child i will seen your end.

Also, kabir asking to ishani leave the kitchen. Once ishani leave the kitchen anupriya holds the knife and angry on kabir. After that kabir and aryan decided to meet vansh and angre to stolen the diamond. Also both kabir and aryan turned as sheikh couples and meet vansh, angre. After that kabir said to vansh my wife check the how diamond is.

Vansh approved, Handover the diamond to kabir, Kabir given to arayn After that aryan changed the diamond, handover to vansh duplicate diamond. After that kabir said this deal don’t end because my wife do not want this diamond and try to went out the room, Vansh and angre holds heir guns and asking to sheikh couples please stop.

IMMJ2 9th March 2021 Written EpisodeĀ 

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9th March 2021 Written Update (Promo/ Spoiler/ Preview) provided here below once available. follow zeal study web portal. Here it is the promo i.e riddhima sleep in their room, Anupriya wear block color suit and holds the knife to kill riddhima. Other end kabir and aryan try to escape from the VR Mansion. But vansh, angre holds the weapon and asking to them remove your costumes.

Here it is the upcoming episode story i.e Vansh said hands up, angre holds the gun but kabir, aryan try to escape from them. But vansh catches them and asking to couples please remove the costumes At that time aryan, kabir removed their costumes. After that vansh shocked and asking to aryan i don’t think you acts like this. Aryan said because of kabir i will done this.

After that kabir said to vansh you don’t kill me & if you try to kill me i will destroy the diamond. Then vansh said you think like child because this diamond is duplicate and it’s cost only Rs/-50 rupees. After that vansh asking to kabir i want my diamonds but kabir hits on vansh hands and vansh lose the gun. Later both vansh and kabir fight each other.

After that vansh said to kabir you need only one bullet, Kabir said again you don’t kill me because when i am get a change to kill you i don’t do that. But vansh try to kill kabir and kabir escape from him. After that anupriya meet his son at outside. Before kabir escaping from vansh anupriya switch of the main. Later kabir said sorry to his mother and said because of you i will stand in front of you.

Also anupriya said to kabir you leave the VR mansion and i will informed to you everything what happen at VR Mansion. At that time riddhima speaking with doctor and said to doctor baby is fine. Anupriya, Kabir shocked to listen riddhima child is alive. After that kabir, anupriya think why riddhima said lie to vansh. Also kabir asking to his mom don’t do anything to riddhima and her child.

Later anupriya informed to ishani i.e riddhima child is alive. Chanchal also know riddhima child is alive. After that riddhima return to her room and asking to vansh you feel good today. Later both vansh and his wife speaking jokes. After that vansh given ice creams to riddhima, also said to riddhima i will speaking important info to you.

Vansh informed to riddhima tomorrow i will host a party to my enemy’s after that we both leed happy life. At kabir room think himself i will happy because riddhima child is alive.