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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8 November 2020 Written Update: Siya warns riddhima


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8 November 2020 Written Update Telly Updates for Today Episode. IMMJ2 Episode 108 Promo released today and full episode available for VOOT premium subscribers today before the tv.

In today promo riddhima phone to kabir and said to him just i know it who kidnapped ragini. Then kabir tensed, asking to riddhima who did that. Riddhima while conversation with kabir informed to siya (vansh sister) kidnaps ragini. When riddhima speaks with kabir siya entered riddhima room. Then riddhima said to kabir i will revels siya real bheaviour in front of vansh.

Then siya said to riddhima what you reveled about me i will given you 48 hours, asking to change your behavior. Riddhima meets kabir and said to him siya set 48 hours time to me. When she speak with kabir ragini touches a mug. Riddhima listen the voice and asking to him what is that sound.

Kabir says i can’t listen any sound, no one here. Anupriya covers ragini mouth and Ridhhima reached where ragini is and promo ends. For Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8 Nov 2020 Story follow

Today episode full story

Riddhima catches the mask man later she identified mask man as a siya. After that siya remembered when she follows riddhima. Later riddhima realised siya walks. After that daadi said to vansh no one stops truth and no one controls your angry. Vansh said daadi i feel very angry because i want what i searching for. Daadi says vansh what you searching for you will get it.


Vansh said to daadi i will trust your words, Daadi help to eat vansh. After that daadi says you must listen your heart. Then vansh gets phone call, said to daadi i will leave now. Later riddhima informed to kabir siya kidnaps ragnin, i don’t why she did this. Kabir says how she can do because she is in wheel chair.

Kabir says siya till the date cheats everyone in the family. Riddhima says i will said the truth. Siya comes to riddhima room and said to her i will said your truth. After that siya says riddhima you cheat vansh and played with vansh hearts. After that siya says why she behaves like that.

Riddhima asking to siya why did you do like this. Siya explains vansh asking to me focus on you because some one attack on ragini and they try to creates problems for you. After that siya said you are involving the ragini kidnaping drama.

After that riddhima says someone kidnaps ragini, iam trying to finds who did that and asking to given some time. Siya given 48 hours. After that riddhima covers the vansh face with mask, Later vansh remove the mask and seen siya wheel chair and asking about siya.

Riddhima asking to vansh let’s turn your back side. After that vansh seen siya walking and surprised and hugs siya.


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