Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th October 2020 Written Update: Vansh asking truth

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7th October 2020 Written Update on IMMJ2 7 Oct 2020 Full Episode 76 now available on VOOT App. Premium members check upcoming story 24 hours before TV & normal users check this episode on Colors TV tomorrow as per the schedule. For more TV Serial Stories follow zeal study

IMMJ2: 7 Oct 2020 begins with riddhima said to vansh i know everything what happens to you, how it is happens to you. After that riddhima informed to her husband your mother inject the the poison into the fruit that’s why your fell unhealthy. . Once hear the riddhima words vansh gets angry, said to his wife how dare you to blame my mother

When vansh angry on his wife anu priya phone to kabir, said to him don’t worry don’t trust riddhima if she said about me wrongly and said bye to kabir. After that anu priya reached the vansh room, asking to him please relaxed, said to him i feel very tensed when you meets with accident, said to him i will gets your reports from hospital, handover reports to vansh & said to him we will bring the pasta from outside, In that pasta made with heavy penut powder that’s why you get the allergy.

Riddhima can’t understanding what anu priya said to vansh. After that anu priya said to riddhima you don’t feel bad vansh recovered soon. Then vansh said to his wife let’s watch how my mom take care of me but you blame my mom. After that riddhima said sorry to anu priya


Later riddhima entered to the kitchen, Daadi asking to riddhima how is vansh now. Riddhima said to daadi vansh not done breakfast yet. Daadi asking to anu priya must prepared breakfast for vansh, she yes said and taken breakfast to vansh

At that time riddhima said to daadi i forgot something. Other end chanchal said to aryan riddhima crossing her limits and blames me. Once anu priya leaves the kitchen riddhima went to search for locker and went to anu priya room, open the cupboard but she don’t recognized locker on the cupboard, Once riddhima open the cupboard she find a letter which is placed by anu priya to written about locker.

But riddhima can’t stop searching and finally find the locker. At the same time anu priya reaches the her room, Riddhima leaves the anu priya room when she entered the room her back side. Later anu priya open the secret cupboard and shocked to seen with out locker.

Anu priya starts searching for riddhima, Riddhima try to open the locker. While searching for riddhima anu priya reacher the vansh room but riddhima hide herself into the bathtub. Anu priya reaches the bathroom, phone to kabir, informed to him about she miss the locker

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