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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7 November 2020 Written Update: Riddhima Gets Another Clue


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 7 November 2020 Written Update Telly Upadtes Express for Colors Hindi Serial Episode 107. Today IMMJ2 7 Nov 2020 episode promo begins with riddhima. Riddhima holds water and promise to bappa like this because of me vansh lose the chance to know the truth who killed his mom. So i will be know the truth and helps to vansh.

When she promise to bappa unknow person wearing Aileen mask, listen what riddhima promise to lord bappa. After that riddhima running to catches mystory person who wear the aileen mask and finally catches the mystery person, try to removing the mask. But mystory person thrown riddhima on bed, promo ends.

In previous episode vansh explains the his situation i.e he try to know the person who killed his mom uma rai singhania with the help of ragini. Other end anupriya said to his son she is person shoots ragini and involving the uma rai Singhania murder. To know today episode sneak peak follow zealstudy web portal.

IMMJ2 7 Nov 2020 Story

Vansh asking favuour to riddhima. IMMJ2 title track played, Vansh crying to seen riddhima and asking to riddhima don’t leave me riddhima today night. Riddhima remember daadi words about vansh and crying herself. After that vansh sleeps on the floor, Riddhima arranged pillow on vansh head and said sorry vansh i will leave you today night to save ragini from kabir.


After that riddhima meets kabir. Kabir says i will failed, Riddhima says i will stop the mission, asking to where is ragini. Kabir says someone come here and kidnapped ragini when iam checking the papers. Riddhima think herself vansh words. Then riddhima recognized someone follow her and said to kabir someone at VR Mansion kidnaps ragini because ragini know who kill Vansh mom.

Riddhima return to vr mansion and checks Vansh family photo. At that time unknow person watching riddhima when she think about who kidnaps ragini and later riddhima pointed if arayn or anupriya kidnaps ragini. At that time aryan comes to riddhima and asking her what are you doing here.

At that time riddhima listen unknown person sound. Then unknown person escape from riddhima but she catches shows. Later riddhima went to backyard and searching for clue. Then she gets the clue. After that vansh said to angre don’t mind who is kidnaper but we catches kidnaper.

Vansh check CC camera footage but it’s getting error. Vansh said to angre at any cost i want Camera Footage. Other end riddhima spoke phone call and unknow persone follows riddhima. then riddhima recognized mystory person and catched. Later riddhima known unknown person is siya


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