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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th March 2021 Written Update: Riddhima Searching for Mystery Person

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th March 2021 (Friday) Premier Episode 209 released Today Thursday on Voot Select. Who subscribe for premium membership (month days and annual days) eligible to get premium episodes of Colors TV (Hindi/ Tamil/ Kannada/ Telugu) serial shows. Check subscription plans at official website.

In previous episode diamaa said to red glove person we are ready for our next plan i.e vansh leaves riddhima. Red glove person said ok for that. Riddhima reached the home said to vansh congratulation because you successfully implemented your plan but vansh said no. But riddhima angry on vansh and daadi, angre, sayi crying.

Other end Chanchal, Aryan smiles. After that vansh said riddhima iam not doen this. But riddhima said doctor shown your sign on the agreement paper of aberration. Vansh again said no and riddhima went to upstairs and starts crying, waiting for vansh at mid night. After that vansh return to home while drinking and said to riddhima let’s seen my celebration.

Few minutes later vansh sleep on bed, Riddhima said sorry to vansh because i will hide the truth and soon informed to you truth. To know IMMJ2 5 March 2021 Written Story follow zeal study web portal. Here below upcoming episode story

IMMJ2 5th March 2021 Written Update

Diamaa said to red glove person our plan is success so let’s celebrate the moment. After that diamaa and red golve person celebrate the moment, Red glove person try to went outside. Then diamaa holds the gun and try to kill red glove person. But red glove person catches diamaa gun, spread petrol on diamaa and try to kill her. But red glove person leave the room and diamaa realised it’s not petrol, it’s water.

Day changed, Vansh wake up on the bed and think himself what happen yesterday night. Riddhima comes to her room and asking to vansh drink lemon water, Vansh drink the water and asking to riddhima what happen to you. Then riddhima said i have to go, Vansh destroy the mirror and said to his wife how can i do this and you just maintain distance from me and leave the room.

Once vansh leave the room riddhima think herself soon you know the truth. Diamaa comes to vansh and set the bomb to kill riddhima and think herself after 5 hours riddhima died. After that ridddhima gets a parcel, Aryan open the door and what is it. Parcel boy said to aryan riddhima gets the parcel. Aryan asking to boy let’s given parcel to me i will handover to her.

Chanchal asking to parcel boy who send this parcel. Ward Boy said rudra rai singhania send this parcel to riddhima. Chanchal, Aryan shocked and said to parcel boy he his died. After that aryan says riddhima not inside the house. At that riddhima shouts i am in the house and taken the parcel, decided to open the box at her room.

Other end vansh asking to angre close the doors, Angre close the doors. After that vansh says i will decided to sale important thing. Angre says no because it’s emotionally connected with you but vansh can not listen angre words. Riddhima went to her room and open the box and recognized a letter and key & read the letter i.e riddhima this key revile the truth.

Once read the letter riddhima think herself this key revile the red glove person truth. Other end vansh open locker box, given the box to angre and said to him let’s sale it. At that time some one from vansh family listen their conversation. After that vansh open the box and holds the huge diamond and said to angre i think this type of diamonds only 4 in this world.

After that vansh said to angre who given back my loss diamonds i will given this diamond to that person. Angre said ok, Unknown once listen vansh words leave the room silently. Once angre, vansh leave the room kabir open the vansh room door and remembered what he listen vansh, angre speaks. Later kabir try to open the locker box to stolen the diamond but kabir gets shocked.

Other end riddhima went to kitchen to searching for key, Kabir comes to kitchen and asking riddhima what are you searching. Riddhima shocked and slip on the chair, Kabir holds riddhima and vansh seen when kabir holds riddhima.

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