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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th January 2021 Written Update: Riddhima try to done what vansh said

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th January 2021 Written Update for episode 158. Vansh comes to riddhima when she stands alone at steps side. Once met her vansh said to her you have left only 10 minutes of time and prove yourself reflect love on me. Riddhima feels fear, vansh handover gun to him and asking to kill kabir.

Other end VR family members performing the pooja at home, Kabir gets phone call when he sit in the middle when performing the pooja. After that kabir recognized the phone and went outside to speak the phone. Once kabir went outside riddhima followed him.

After that when kabir speaking phone riddhima stands behind him, hold the gun and try to kill kabir. Once conversation ends kabir turn back side and seen riddhima and recognized gun in her hands. Few seconds later daadi and ahana listen sound when pandit given harati to them and shocked think themselves what is that sound.

To know today episode IMMJ2 5 Jan 2021 story follow zeal study web portal. Today episode aired on colors tv on 7.00 PM.

Today Episode 

vansh given gun to riddhima and asking to prove your love. Riddhima said when i come here i can’t love you but once enter VR mansion i loved you, Riddhima said because of you i will done this. Vansh said prove your love on me and you have only 10 mins.

Later Kabir gets phone call and went outside. Riddhima hold gun and followed kabir. Ahana recognized riddhima followed kabir. When riddhima went outside vansh sit beside of ahana. At outside kabir speaks phone call and riddhima think what vansh said to her. Riddhima come to back yard and holds gun said to her self i will prove my self, come close to kabir.

When kabir speaks phone riddhima raise hands on kabir and kabir turn backside and seen what riddhima to do for him and shocked. Kabir also holds his gun and think himself what ahana informed to him. After that pandit said to VR family members complete the pooja and let’s taken harati.

Kabir said to riddhima in my life i will given huge number of surprises but what you have to given now i will surprised. Riddhima said i will think yourself because of you today iam stand in front of you like this. Vansh given harati to durga matha and asking to durga matha riddhima must prove love on me. Kabir said to riddhima i will send here for my mission and you come here and married vansh with your love. Also kabir said before kill me you must think your self what kabir is and what vansh is.

Then riddhima try to kill kabir but her hands shocked. Kabir said you don’t kill because riddhima can’t do wrong and asking to riddhima let’s kill me. Vansh count 1, 2, 3 and riddhima shoots kabir. Daadi listen sound and asking to vansh what is this sound. Vansh said some one fired crackers. After that vansh come outside and seen blood drops. Kabir fallen on the floor. Then vansh smiles and turn backside, Kabir smiles and vansh shocked

Before that when riddhima try to shoot kabir kabir shouts and fired bullet on air. Riddhima run away from kabir. After that kabir said to vansh i am sorry because you think kabir is dead, i am won. kabir said vansh your love can’t won because riddhima can’t kill me, first love remember till the die. Also, kabir said you can’t won and you can’t get your mom love, ragini love and riddhima cheat you. Vansh said to kabir before you die i will shown you what vansh did who try to cheat me.

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