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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th December 2020 Written Update Hindi Episode 132

Last updated on 5th December 2020


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th December 2020 Written Update for Hindi Serial Episode 132. In previous episode kabir identified riddhima plan, gets the clue. Once kabir gets the clue informed to riddhima about her plan i.e vihaan. Later riddhima feel tension, think herself kabir at any cost revel the truth the VR family members.

In previous episode Vansh, Daadi speaking together, Riddhima entered the daad room to informed the vihaan what kabir knows. But kabir also comes to daadi room asking to vansh how you can save from the danger. Vansh informed to daadi how he can save from the incident.

After that sharma email vihaan photo to kabir, kabir feels happy and seen vihaan photo. Once vihaan photo displayed kabir shocked to seen other persons photo, Riddhima recognized kabir face. For Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 132 follow This episode aired on colors tv as per the schedule and available on Voot Select

Promo Story

Kabir team (Kabir, Aryan and Riddhima) and Vihaan (Vihaan, Angre and Chanchal Husband) played basket ball match. At that time kabir thrown small ball on the court, vihaan mistakenly foot on the ball. Because of that vihaan right hand injured.

Then daadi asking to stop the match. But kabir said vansh played with his left hand. Then riddhima thinks if vansh can’t played with left hand everyone no he his not vansh. But vihaan played with left hand and won the match.


Riddhima asking to vihaan how can you play the basketball with left hand. He said iam not vihaan, Iam vansh. Riiddhima shocked.

Today Episode Story

Riddhima said to vihaan vansh all the properties registered on daadi name so you converted all these properties on me. Vihaan said no, Riddhima said you come here on contract. After that vihaan said you cheated daadi because of property. At that time riddhima think herself if properties named on daadi kabir try to kill her, if those properties named on me he focused on me.

Later vihaan asking to riddhima what i will get to changed all these properties on you. Riddima said you don’t get anything. After that riddhima think herself if face same unable to behaves like vansh. Aryan said to kabir how it is possible some one acts like vansh. Then kabir think himself about riddhima given my place to fake vansh.

Later lawyer comes to VR mansion said to vansh your properties can changed to another person name because police registered your death case. Vansh said ok. Before lawyer comes to VR mansion kabir met lawyer and shown gun to him and asking to lawyer this property can’t registered other person names few months.


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