Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5 August 2020 Written Update: IMMJ 2 5 Aug 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5 August 2020 Written Update For Episode 20. IMMJ 2 5 August 2020 Episode 20 begins with dadi. Dadi says to vansh change riddhima bandage, leaves. Then riddhima says no need to changed it & try to leave from vansh. But vansh stops riddhima and asking her strange behavior. But she cannot responded. After that both are sit on sofa, Vansh ask her servent to bring first aid box & When vansh try removes riddhima’s bandage she grab her hand back, feel little bit pain. Dadi hear the voice, asks vansh to do banded carefully. When vansh listen what dadi says riddhima kept shera in the haldi bowl. Later vansh changes the riddhima bandage. While vansh changes the bandage anupriya takes the haldi bowl to pooja room

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5 August 2020 Written Update

Vansh thinking him self still shera not found and went from hall. After that riddhima think her self how to taken shera from haldi bowl. Later dadi asks to riddima sitdown then after vansh family members starts the rituals. Then anupriya applies the haldi on riddima face, said i hope riddhima taking care of vansh, given a diamond necklace to riddhima and Ishani says it’s real diamond necklace not a fake please keep it safe. At that time aryan gets phone call he leaves. Vansh watch aryan leaves hall and follow him and dadi ask to ishani applies hald on riddhima face. Later siya asking to dadi performing haldi but riddhima hold haldi bowl, applies haldi on siya’s face at the same time she check for shera in the bowl but she can not gets shera. Later aryan speaks the phone & cuts the call when vansh reaches him. Then vansh asks aryan who is the person on the phone call. After that some heat discussion between both aryan and vansh. Aryan leaves from their.

Then after Riddhima crying because of she lose the shera and think her self once again what happens. When performing haldi on riddhima face chanchal identify shera, then chanchal taken shera other hand, performing haldi. Later Riddhima goes to chanchal room, watch secretly what chanchal do. In the room chanchal cleaning the shera, kept shera in to the locker room.