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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th March 2021 Written Update: Riddhima return to home

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 4th March 2021 (Thursday) Episode released on VOOT Select app for premium subscribers. IMMJ2 Episode 208 aired on Tomorrow 7.00 PM on colors tv. Looking for spoiler, preview/ promo follow zeal study web portal.

Here it is the previous episode story riddhima finally escaping from the hospital to create harm to doctor. Once she escaping from the hospital ward boys try to catches her but she hits wheel bed and unable to run. Later riddhima sleep on the bed and hides herself. Then ward boy decided riddhima escaping from the hospital.

Later ward boys return to hospital, taken the dead body to grave yard but they don’t riddhima sleep on that perticular bed. Once ward boys taken the body, preforming the final rituals. But suddenly she gets conscious, wake up on the fires. Pandit shocked, Riddhima escaping from the grave yard. Other end vansh preforming the pooja at mataa rani temple.

After that unknown person phone to doctor at any cost killed riddhima, Doctor informed to ward boys kill riddhima. Ward boys shoot on riddhima legs but she escaped from them. At home kabir asking to chanchal, aryan who written a letter and placed riddhima room. But chanchal, aryan maintain silence. Then kabir if i know the truth i will kill you. Other end angre phone to vansh and said to him we couldn’t get riddhima information.

IMMJ2 4th March 2021 Written Update

Riddhima reached home when vansh, daadi, angre, sayi speaking about her. Once she reached the home shouts vansh. To know complete written update follow zeal study. Here it is the upcoming episode full story

Diamaa try to remove her makeup suddenly red gloves person reached her room, diamaa said to him at any cost destroy relationship between vansh and riddhima. Other end riddhima reached the home and shouts vansh. Vansh running towards to her, hugs her and asking to her our child is save. Then riddhima angry on him.

Also riddhima asking to vansh how dare you to say our child, you try to kill our child. Daadi, angre, sayi shocked to listen riddhima words. Aryan asking to riddhima how dare you speak like that with vansh bhia. Then riddhima said to aryan don’t come between us. After riddhima said to daadi vansh try to kill me and our child.

Vansh said no, Riddhima said to him you sign on the paper and said to doctor abort the child. Also riddhima said to vansh from now our relationship over. Vansh said to riddhima i don’t believe you try to blame me. After that riddhima went inside the home. Vansh crying and shouts. Daadi, Sayi cryinng & Chanchal, Diamaa, Aryan smiles.

After that diamaa meets red gloves person and said to him finally our plan is successful. Once riddhima went inside the room starts crying and remembered chacha words i.e your life in danger. Other end diamaa said to red gloves person first plan is over and out next plan is at any cost riddhima went out from vansh life. Red glove person says ok for diamaa plan.

After that riddhima waiting for vansh, Vansh come to his room and starts drinking. Riddhima asking to vansh please take care but vansh said i am celebrating my child death. Once they speaking each other some one stands behind the doors, riddhima recognized some one listen our words and think herself once again i couldn’t step into the problems and thrown vansh.

After that unknow person leave from vansh room, riddhima helps to vansh when he try to sleep. Once vansh sleeping riddhima said to him you listen soon our child is alive.

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