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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th January 2021 Written Update: Vansh asking to riddhima kill kabir

Last updated on 4th January 2021

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th January 2021 Written Update Promo/ Spoiler for Episode 157. In this episode vansh demands the impossible from riddhima. Here it is the promo story when vansh comes to riddhima said to him i love so much and starts crying and hugs him. But vansh can’t stands silent.

After that riddhima said to him iam ready to kill my self if you want, Vansh thrown her and angry on her, riddhima once again asking to him if you ask me i will kill my self. Vansh asking her are you ready, Riddhima said yes. Later vansh says you don’t kill your self but you kill some one.

At that riddhima can’t understand what vansh saying to her. Later vansh says i will tell you one name, you killed that person and says he his kabir. Riddhima shocked. To know upcoming sneak peek of the upcoming episode follow zeal study portal.

Today Episode Story

Riddhima think herself past life with vansh once he said i am cheating you. After that vansh asking to his wife how you feel now, you hate me but riddhima stands silently. Vansh said to riddhima when you try to cheat me you lose my love. Then riddhima try to say something to him but vansh said don’t say nothing to me.

Later vansh stands candle side, riddhima seen that and asking him to move other side and also said i love you much and hugs him. Then vansh asking to riddhima you love me, you proved that you must kill someone. Riddhima shocked, vansh asking to her kill kabir.

Riddhima said to him how may i kill him. Vansh said if you love me you must kill him and proved yourself. After that vansh leave riddhima alone. Later ahana asking to vansh how can you said kill kabir to riddhima. Vansh said to ahana you must leave me alone. Later ahana think herself i must do something opposit to vansh.

Riddhima holds marriage photo and think her past and crying. Ahana met kabir and said to him riddhima try to kill you. Kabir smiles and said to her i don’t like this types of jokes. Later at VR Mansion performing pooja, Vansh given 15 min to riddhima to prove you love me. Riddhima crying

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