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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th December 2020 Written Update: Kabir finds vihaan name

Last updated on 4th December 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4th December 2020 Written Update for promo. IMMJ2 Episode 131 twist finally reveled. Main twist of this episode kabir finds vihaan name. Check how kabir finds the name now. Daadi asking to vansh let’s put sindoor on riddhima forehead. Then vansh did what daadi said to him. When vihaan placed sindoor on riddhima head she think marriage day with vansh.

After that Kabir think himself who comes to VR Mansion in the name of vansh behaves like something mysterious, Later angry on himself hits dustbin. When kabir hits the dustbin he recognized the clue about riddhima i.e alphabets

Once get the alphabets kabir arraged the letters and form a name i.e vihaan. After that kabir smiles and said himself i.e riddhima you played nice game with me but i am said to you i will recognized the game. To know full story of IMMJ2 4 Dec 2020 follow web portal.

Today Episode Story

Once vihaan put sindoor on riddhima forehead riddhima said sorry to vansh and because to save your family i will done marriage with him. Kabir to seen vansh and riddhima marriage gets angry. After that both vansh, riddhima asking daadi blessings. Daadi said don’t leave each other hands. Ishani, Angre Leaves the pooja room. Vansh given hands to riddhima, riddhima did same thing & daadi smiles.

After that riddhima said to kabir you don’t marry me kabir, vansh seen kabir. Kabir think himself how proud you feel, just wait. Later kabir comes to vihaan secret room and searching for clue at that time he gets alphabets, arranged those alphabets and formed a name that is vihaan.

RIddhima asking to vihaan don’t wear vansh clothes and i will brings new clothes for you and said to him your not a vansh you just acts like him please understand that. Once vihaan leaves riddhima room, kabir comes to riddhima and shown vihaan name and riddhima think herself how kabir know the vihaan name. Later riddhima said i don’t know vihaan. Kabir said you played genuius game but must stop it.

Later kabir said just 15 mins i will find the truth. Riddhima comes to daadi room to intimate truth to him. But kabir follows her and asking to how you live still you jumped into the caves. Vansh said wrong story to daadi how he jumped into the caves. At that sharma send vihaan details to kabir and kabir shown vihaan photo to daadi. But photo of vihaan and changed, daadi asking to who this guy. Vansh asking to i think you need water i will bring for you. Kabir says no and leave daadi room.

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