Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4 September 2020 Written Update Serial Episode 46

Immj2 Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4 September 2020 Written Update Episode 46 Hindi Serial Colors Voot spoiler begins with riddhima asking to sunny where is ragini body night time. Sunny shows where ragini body placed but other end unknown person recording what riddhima and sunny did at backyard. Later riddhima said hamay his jaga ko kudnay kayliye kuch chahiye hoga, Other day riddhima searching for ragini body where sunny shown but Vansh finds riddhima & said brilliant, Riddhima shocked.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 4 September 2020 Written Update

After that vansh said to riddhima mujhe dokha denay valay ko bacha nahi, subkay sub jamin kay chay feet nichay ho chuka hai and try to kill riddhima. To know complete IMMJ2 4 Sep 2020 Written Update follow here

In previous episode ishani boy friend sunny reached vansh house, Ishani introduced her boy friend to vansh and said i will marry him. But vansh can’t accepted initially. Later dadi convinced him & Riddhima waiting for kabir. After that sunny given a slip & informed to her iam the person to help you.

riddhima asking to sunny who send you. Sunny says who you asking to help and leave the place. Riddhima searching for sunny, think herself where he is going. Sunny says iam behind you but you don’t turn my side because if any seen ours they think we discussing something.

Later riddhima asking to sunny how i am trust you. Sunny says i know it’s difficult to trust me for you but trust me because i know why you came here, i know you try to find truth behind ragini. Then riddhima asking to sunny something but he leaves the place again. Later riddhima seen him with ishani and given stills with ishani for cameras

IMMJ2 4 Sep 2020 Episode Written Update

After that ishani asking to anu priya, siya to give still with her. Siya asking to vansh please cut the call and come with me. Vansh cut the call & Riddhima once again meets sunny, Anu Priya, Aryan mother watch what riddhima did.

Once meet the sunny riddhima asking him who said about ragini information to you. Sunny says you waste most of the time but riddhima ask him do you know what happen to her. Sunny says murder in this house then riddhima feels tensed, Sunny leaves

After that dadi asking to riddhima what are you doing please come with family photographs ho raha hai. Once completion of photo session riddhima went backyard and unknown person hold the knife to kill her. But sunny reached backyard