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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd March 2021 Written Update: Riddhima in deep trouble again

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd March 2021 Premier Episode 207 released on Voot Select app today 7.30 PM. Looking premier episode subscribe VOOT Select for monthly or annually. Only premier episodes available for premium subscribers only.

In previous episode riddhima kidnapped by kidnappers, daadi asking to sayi about riddhima. After the one after one diamaa, chanchal, aryan come out from VR mansion. Chanchal said to daadi riddhima at home, Daadi said to her i didn’t said riddhima went outside. Other end when kidnappers kidnapped by riddhima vehicle tire punctured.

Vansh helps to kidnappers while changing the tire but vansh don’t know riddhima inside the vehicle & they are kidnapers. Once vehicle started kidnappers drive the vehicle, riddhima escaped from the vehicle and shouts vansh name. Vansh stops the car and went outside from the car and searching for who called him. Other end kidnappers again hits on riddhima head.

Finally kidnappers reached the hospital, doctor starts the operation and vansh asking about riddhima at home, Daadi said to vansh riddhima written a letter a regarding aberration, At hospital doctor shown a letter to riddhima i.e vansh accepted for aberration.

IMMJ2 3rd March 2021 Written Update

Doctor asking to staff please leave the operation theater because i want only 2 nurses. At that time extra staff leave the operation theater and riddhima think about vansh and suddenly wake up on the bed and hold the knife and placed on doctor neck and said to nurses if once step forward i will kill the doctor. Also riddhima asking to nurses please open the door.

Once nurses open the door riddhima escape come out from the hospital. Doctor said to ward boy must catches riddhima. When riddhima try to escape from the hospital she hits wheel bed and fallen on the floor. Ward boys searching for riddhima but riddhima hides herself on the wheel bed and covered with clothes. Ward boy try to open the clothes another ward boy said to him it’s dead body.

Other end vansh phone all hospitals and searching for vansh but he couldn’t get any information. After that ward boys taken the wheel bed which is riddhima hides herself, Vansh step down the car and shouts riddhima can not do aberration, Ward boys brings wheel chair where riddhima hides herself to grave yard and ready to performing the final rituals.

But riddhima couldn’t move if she moves ward boys recognized her. Other end pandit asking to ward boys start the performing the final rituals. At the same time vansh pray to maata rani to stops riddhima aberration and walks on the steps on the knees. Also vansh asking to maata rani please tell me where is riddhima. After that gets conscious and think herself where iam and recognized herself at grave yard.

Later riddhima escaped from grave yard, ward boys recognized when riddhima escape from grave yard. After that red gloves person phone to doctor and informed to her kill riddhima at any cost. Doctor informed to ward boys killed riddhima. Ward boys shoots riddhima legs. At home kabir holds gun and asking to chanchal and aryan who played this drama and who written the letter to vansh.

Angre phone to vansh and said to him we couldn’t find riddhima, Also angre informed same matter to all the family members and vansh return to home

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