Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th September 2020 Written Update: Again kabir plan fails

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 29th September 2020 Written Update IMMJ2 Telly Update spoiler begins with riddhima and vansh. Both riddhima and vansh stand at their room, Riddhima said to vansh i will informe you something about me, Vansh seen into riddhima eyes. Then riddhima feels fear and said to him i will say about my past life.

Vansh stands in front of riddhima silently. Riddhima started and saying to vansh iam before the marrige. Suddenly vansh said to her i don’t listen your past life because i can’t intrested your past life and it’s only matter for me present and put sindhoor on riddhima forhead

Both anupriya and her son kabir standing on upstairs, listen observe silently what vansh and riddhima speaks together. Later kabir getting anger on riddhima because his plan failed once again, spoiler ends

To know why riddhima decided to say about her past life to vansh, how kabir plan is failed and Ishani escaped from the house or not follow zeal study.

IMMJ2 29th September 2020 Written Update begins with riddhima checking teddy, Other vansh searching for ishani. Few seconds later vansh seens teddy and recognized ishani inside the teddy and asking to ishani come outside from teddy. Ishani remove the teddy dress, all the family members listens vansh voice reached upstairs.

After that vansh asking to aryan do you gift teddy to help ishani to fly from home. Aryan arguing with his brother yes i am gifted teddy to her but i don’t know she used teddy like this. Ishani shocked to aryan behavior. Later aryan said to vansh why riddhima help to ishani to esacpe from home.

Vansh said i know she can’t do this, shown blank cheque to aryan which is given by ishani. Both aryan and ishani shocked. Later daadi slaped aryan, said to him your are the worest guy of the house. After that vansh asking to daadi please cool your self.

Later marriage marriage rituals begins. Vansh given juice to riddhima, Riddhima says thank you. After that riddhima remembered her past life and asking to vansh may i shared something about my past life. But vansh says no i don’t listen your past life, what is between us now is important to me. Other end ishani marriage is completed, Kabir thinks once again his plan failed