Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th September 2020 Written Update Full Episode Spoiler

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th September 2020 Written Update New Episode spoiler begins with vansh and riddhima. Vansh stand in front of riddhima, Riddhima stand on dressing stool to hook the button for vansh sharwani but suddenly niddle tail hits her finder. Later vansh hold her hand, check what happen to her. At that IMMJ2 title track played, Riddhima looking into vansh eyes

Other end kabir think himself what vansh feels with his heart about riddhima but riddhima did what i am saying to her, Saying to himself it’s my right. After that aryan help to ishani to wear a micky mouse dress. Later ishani wear a dress and come out side from the room.

Riddhima seen the dress and feels feared, Vansh asking to her what happen to you. To know full sneak peak of the episode follow zealstudy.

IMMJ2 28th Sep 2020 Full EpisodeĀ 

Today Episode begins with vansh placed hand on riddhima forehead, asking her i think you not fell well. Riddhima says i am alright and leaves the hall. Daadi said to all the family members doest have a time for sangeeth ceremony. All are leaves the hall and went to their rooms for dressup for function.

Vansh went to his room and wear the sharmani and try to hoot a button for his dress. Riddhima asking to him may i help you. Vansh said yes to her. At that time kabir brings a gift box to vansh and home and said to himself todays is grand finale, today is the day vansh feel his defeat. At that time aryan asking to devraj what is inthe box. Devraj open the box, shown gift to him i.e teddy doll. Arayn hold the doll, Devraj said to him some light works done here in hall please went to upstairs.

Arayn says ok, went to in front of riddhima room. Riddhima seen the teddy and feels tention. Vansh asking to what happen to you riddhima and seen aryan at that time. Vansh asking to aryan what is this. Aryan said just surprised for ishani. Then he return to home, riddhima went to bathroom.

Vansh think himself what happen to riddhima and why she fells tensed from early morning. Once riddhima went to bathroom think about past when kabir gifted teddy to her. Aryan went to ishani room, Ishani asking to him what the surprise. Daadi asking to chanchal ishani ready for marriage. He said yes, Vansh still thinking about riddhima. Daadi asking to him vansh what happen please tell me. Vansh said to her riddhima feels fear to seen someone. Aryan shown to teddy to ishani and said to her i wear the teddy dress and escape from this home. Ishani wear the dress, Aryan help to her to escape from the house. Riddhima asking to aryan please stop and check the teddy.