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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th December 2020 Written Update: Vansh caught mysterious women

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th December 2020 Written Update for Episode 151. When mysterious women passes riddhima think her self who that unknow person and what she try to tell me and where she is going now. When mysterious women try to escape from the surprise party which is arranged by vansh for riddhima angre try to catch her.

But when angre try to catches mysterious women who entered the party she escaped from him. At that time vansh catches her, shown knife to her. Later mysterious women shouts riddhima. Then riddhima remove her mask and comes to unknow person.

After that vansh removes unknown person mask, riddhima and vansh seen unknown person face and gets shocked, Riddhima asking to unknow person what you have to tell me. To know who is unknown lady entered the VR mansion and what vansh to do for her once caught her follow Today IMMJ2 Episode 151 aired on colors tv and VOOT Select.

Today Episode Update

Vansh caught unknow person. All the family members seen her side, riddhima comes to unknown person and asking to her who are you and shown face. At that time unknown person remove the mask and said to riddhima i am trying to said something about vansh related matter and it’s secret. At that time kabir and vihaan feels shocking. Kabir think herself this is the time, ishani said this unknown person theft my dress.

Riddhima asking her unknown person who try to kill you. Vansh said i will take care her. Then unknown person said i know vansh very well because i am save vansh. Then daadi comes to unknown person said thanks to her and asking her what is your name. She said my name is ahana, Daadi asking to vansh she stay at VR mansion.

After that riddhima asking to ahana if you need help why you contact vansh directly. At that time angre comes to vansh it’s time celebrate new year party. After that vansh comes to riddhima from next year on words we don’t have problems.

Later all the family members performing dance. When dance performing ahana comes to vansh and said to her i know your all secrets and i will informed to riddhima about secrets. After that vansh asking to ahana why you come here. Ahana said i am stay here, if you can’t accept that i will inform your secrets. Riddhima think herself if ahana know vansh from starting why she call me.

Riddhima asking to vansh if ahana now very well, if she want help from you why she call me. Then vansh said we are couple, if my phone not reached she calls you. At that time riddhima think herself about ragini. Later ishani asking to aryan and chanchal come with me. After that ishani shown riddhima and ahana voice recording. Later aryan said riddhima permenently leaves VR mansion.

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