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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27 October 2020 Written Update Episode 96 Twist

Last updated on 28th October 2020


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 27 October 2020 Written Update Voot Select Colors TV Serial. IMMJ2 Ep 96 Promo released yesterday night. In this promo riddhima come down upstairs and seen shocking incident that is vansh performing post death rituals for ragini when she is alive. Then riddhima remembered vansh meets ragini.

After that riddhima think herself why vansh did this when ragini is not dead. Later vansh said i will today close my past life and given hammer to riddhima, said to her let’s destroy the ragini statue with your hands. But riddhima think herself. Suddenly vansh holds riddhima hands destroy the statue promo ends.

IMMJ2 27 Oct 2020 Written Update Full Episode story provided soon. Follow portal for upcoming colors tv hindi serial promos. In previous episode vansh saves riddhima and anupriya known chanchal and aryan did this. Later kabir entered as a doctor to find the chip.

After that vansh performing ravan dahan program & kabir searching for chip but riddhima thrown chip insideo ravan idol when vansh fired. After that kabir asking to riddhima where is the chip. Riddhima says don’t have chip. For more details follow zeal study portal.


chanchal said to aryan riddhima play with us. Aryan stops her mom, Chanchal says it’s your fault. Aryan accepted his mistake and shown chip to chanchal.

Chanchal feels happy and aryan remembeered how he got chip. Chanchal says riddhima thrown this chip into flames & once check this chip and seen chip works. Anupriya phone to kabir and informed to him what happen at VR Mansion.

At that time anu seen chanchal, aryan and think herself why both are so happy. After that ishani informed to vansh riddhima come outside from your car yesterday. Vansh don’t trusted her, After that ishani open car back door and she said here it the ring. But when vansh shown his car nothing to find.


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