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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th September 2020 Written Update: Kabir killed Real DSR

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th September 2020 Written Update IMMJ2 Episode 65 Full Episode begins with riddhima think about dev rajsingh rathod meets angrey today sharp 7.00 PM and If he his DSR who his at home, Riddhima think about who at vansh house not real DSR. Angrey asking to riddhima bhabhi my phone at you please given to me. Riddhima given his phone and think herself just 15 minutes left and went outfrom sangeeth.

Devraj Singh Rathod phone to anu priya phone. Anu Priya asking to him who’s this. Leter DSR introduced himself to anu priya. Through phone DSR said to anu priya i am at your home and said sorry because he comes 5 min early. Also, asking to her i will meet vansh, please informed to him. Anu Priya cut the phone call and think herself real DSR come here and informed to kabir i.e real DSR come here. Also, anu priya asking to kabir what we do now. Kabir says i will deal with real DSR.

Other end riddhima think herself just 5 minutes left, walk towards to real DSR, Kabir went outside to meets real DSR but sudeenly Daadi stops kabir, asking to him where are you going and asking him about mushroom starter taste not good please check once again. Kabir says i have some urgent work when i will return i will check it. But daadi not accepted for kabir answer. Ishani, Aryan dancing together, Aryan thrown wine on ishani dress. Ishani think their plan, said to family members i will went to bathroom and change my dress.

Vansh comes to the sangeeth party, Chachi and Chachu dance together, Daadi, Aryan smiles. Other end riddhima on the way to meet real DSR. But before the her kabir meets real DSR. Vansh think himself where is riddhima and why she left sangeeth party. Ishani reach the flower basket place and recognized real DSR Dead Body and said loudly murder.

Vansh, Daadi, Anu Priya, Angery reached the place. Kabir comes to the basket place asking to her what happen. Later angrey check the place and said to vansh no one come here. After that kabir sign to anu priya plan is successes.

Kabir explains his mom how killed DSR (When kabir meets real DSR he killed with his gun, Ishani says murder). After that riddhima shown a message to vansh which is sent by DSR to angrey. After that kabir said to vansh iam the DSR and i will send that mail to you and said to vansh today is sangeeth so do not waste the time let’s enjoy the party.

Later kabir performing the dance moves. After that aryan and ishani also joined with kabir. Once competion of their dance both vansh and riddhima performing the dance for IMMJ2 title track. Kabir getting angry on vansh, riddhima and went to his room. Anu Priya follow his son. Once they went to room kabir said my plan is wasted, said to his mom between vansh and riddhima kabir entered.