Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th September 2020 Written Update Episode 64

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th September 2020 Written Update Episode 64 on Vansh hugs riddhima when she come out from unconscious, IMMJ2 title track played, all the family members happy to seen riddhima. Few seconds later vansh said to his family members i will take her to room, Siya says vansh bhai not only a good brother he his best husband also because he saved bhabi life today. After that vansh holds riddhima on his hands taken her into the room. Daadi said to thanks to lord bappa to save riddhima life, Also daadi said to anu priya i will went to pooja room.

After that ishani aslo leave the hall. At that time angray asking to ishani where riddhima find that suitcase daadi bring to your room. Ishani says stupid you questioned me, leave the place. Later kabir and anu priya celebrate the party to success the plan. After that anu priya said to his son vansh loved riddhima that’s why he taking care of her. Kabir says impossible. Vansh reached the room along with his wife. After that vansh asking to riddhima what happen to you and why you in the suitcase. Riddhima explains what happen to her. Later vansh said to her where the problem is their you will be along with the problem

After that daadi reached the vansh room and said to riddhima what you have to say because we don’t know how tomorrow is, Daadi given to prasad to vansh and leave the his room. Vansh think himself yes daadi said right to me. Later angray said to vansh about ishani. Few seconds later vansh said to angray i will get mail from Devrajsingh Rathod to plan the wedding but who is this at my home. Angray said to his boss ok i will collect the date of devraj who at our home.

After that ishani said to aryan about angray how behave with her before the marriage. Also ishani given to empty check to aryan to help her. Aryan said i am your brother why you are given to me empty check. Ishani said money is your remote control, Aryan taken the empty check and said to her i will help you. Vansh think himself today sangeeth so i will said to riddhima today what happen to his life. At that time riddhima come to room and asking to vansh what speaks you. Vansh seen riddhima dress and surprised and given his mother jewelry to riddhima.

Ishani feels tensed and think her self function starts few minutes later but aryan can’t do anything. At that time aryan brings the white color flower and given to her and said to her placed this flower at flower basket after that i will take care about next. Ishani says nice idea. At that time anu priya comes to ishani room what are you doing her all the family members waiting for you.

Sangeeth started. Aryan says sangeeth sarts with ishani and angray dance. Then both are starts dancing but suddenly vansh gets the phone call. Vansh leave the sangeeth and at the same time angray get the message from DSR Official i.e I am coming to meet you at sharp 7 PM. Riddhima think herself devraj singh rathod to meet angray at 7 PM