Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th September 2020 Written Update: Vansh finds riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th September 2020 Written Update Episode 63 begins big twist. Ishani to stop her marriage with angry, try to mixing a powder along with haldi. But at that time vansh recognized ishani, stops her. After that he remembered what riddhima said (every situation not won with anger, Your brother of ishani must speak with her freely). Then vansh asking to ishani come with me i will shown something and shown to her sunny photos, said to her sunny cheat you. Ishani crying, Vansh said to her i am your brother and trust me, What iam doing for you it’s correct for you. Ishani leaving the hall, Vansh thinkhim self yes riddhima says correct and remembered riddhima at kitchen.

Vansh went to riddhima room but devraj come to vansh room. Vansh asking to devraj what are you doing here. Devraj says to check decoration. Other end Landry boy who hold suitcase where riddhima is. Both vansh and devraj searching for riddhima. Vansh thinkhimself if any do anything her and said to himself no no after shootout i will increasing the security. Landry boy placed suitcase at near the pool.

Later ishani weared wedding dress. All the family members gathered to perform haldi celebrations. After that Ishani think herself yes vansh said to me is correct. Later angry given juice to ishani, Ishani think herself this is the time to perform a act. After that family members starts haldi celebrations. Daadi think about where is vansh and riddhima. Still vansh searching for riddhima. Siya asking to ishani let’s dance. Daadi asking to angry let’s dance.

Suddenly riddhima gets conscious and knock the suitcase. But due to speakers no one here the sound. Other end anu priya asking to kabir completed your mission. Kabir says no she can’t find. Anu Priya says if she not kidnaped our plan is failed. After that vansh said to daadi i will check complete house but she can not find. Daadi says don’t worry she is safe bappa tave her. Angry said to vansh don’t worry bhai i will searching for riddhima.

Later vansh went to searching for riddhima but he mistakenly hits the suitcase, suitcase fallen into the pool, Vansh went pooja room, he recognized he hits suitcase and went to the pool, jumped into the pool, open the suitcase. All are shocked how she is in the suitcase