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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Kabir all set to marriage


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 23rd November 2020 Written Update for Episode 121. IMMJ2 23 Nov 2020 Episode begins with kabir said you have 6 hours riddhima and leaves the room. Riddhima think herself what kabir did in 6 hours and remember his words said about ishani. After that riddhima said her self kabir is dangerous man, he can do anything & think herself what iam do now. Vihaan spin the coin check the coins it’s heads & says she once again come here.

After that anu priya brings sweet, Daadi remembered vansh likes this sweet so much. Later riddhima comes to kabir room, Kabir says i am think about you. Then riddhima says forgive my family members. Kabir says what are you doing, you asking me sorry. Also, kabir says if you asking sorry to me please say sorry with your heart. Then riddhima kneel down and asking sorry to kabir. Kabir says nice, Riddhima says don’t do anything to my family. After that kabir shown vansh family members and says they are all eat vansh favorite sweet and informed to her this sweet prepared by my mom. Riddhima asking to him what mixed inside the sweet and running towards them.

Anupriya asking to daadi let’s taste the sweet. Daadi try to eat the sweets, Riddhima comes to them thrown sweets from dining table. Ishani angry on riddhima, Daadi asking to riddhima what are you doing, are you alright. Then riddhima says i am sorry because iam thinking about vansh that’s why i done this. Daadi says i know riddhima how you feel now but you take care yourself. After that anupriya must think yourself before rise hand on my son. Later riddhima comes to siya room, said thanks to god because siya return to home.


Anupriya comes to siya room, remove the oxygen pipe & try to kill siya with pillow but suddenly with draw her decision. Daadi comes to pooja room, Anupriya brings shagun ka thali. Daadi asking to anupriya what is this. Anupriya says it’s riddhima, kabir ka shagun ka thali. Daadi said what happen to you. Anupriya says if riddhima marry kabir she stay with us. Then chanchal says anu says correct because kabir is good guy. After that daadi says i think riddima can’t accept it because she loves vansh.

Daadi asking to riddhima do you accept marriage with kabir. Ishani said how do you think like that daadi. But daadi stops ishani and informed to riddhima both chanchal, anupriya try to do your marriage with kabir, asking to riddhima did you accept it. At that time kabir put knife on ishani head, Riddhima says yes. Daadi, Anupriya, Aryan, Chanchal all are shocked. Ishani claps and said i know your plan, Daadi starts crying. Chanchal asking to daadi what is your decision. Daadi leaves the hall


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