Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Chanchal informed to daadi about riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 (IMMJ2) 22nd March 2021 Episode 222 Spoiler begins with vansh. Vansh entered his room and shouts riddhima name angrily. But vansh can not listen anyone voice, remove the bedsit from bed but riddhima sets pillow on the bed and covered with bedsit. After that chanchal comes to daadi room and informed her about riddhima.

Chanchal said to daadi is i think riddhima steel your diamonds an daada riffle. After that vyom meets vansh again and said to him today your friend comes to VR Mansion but he his not your friend, he his your enemy. When vyom and vansh speaking together riddhima hides herself, listen their words silently. To know latest written update follow zeal study.

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Today Episode Written Update

Vansh reached Vyom mansion and kill his assistance, Vyom seen what vansh did. After that vansh went to closed room door shouts riddhima you inside the room but not received any response. At home chanchal said to daadi i think who at our home in place of riddhima not ours because she try to steel the diamonds. Later vyom finds vansh and try to kill him.

But vansh hits vyom, Vyom said to vansh your friend come to your home as your enemy and shown his photo but it’s riddhima photo. Vansh said it’s my wife photo. Then vyom said when iam reached i will shocked to seen riddhima with you, asking to vansh let’s celebrate the party. Vansh said riddhima is my wife. At that time angre phone to vansh and vansh informed to angre what happen at vyom house, Angre shocked.

After that vansh asking to vyom what is your wife name. Vyom said nothing and vansh gets angry on vyom and hits on face. Later vyom hits on vansh face and said please understand me. Later vansh return to his home, stop the car middle of the road and think about riddhima.

At home riddhima hold a photo, chanchal comes to riddhima room and said to her your not our riddhima. Then riddhima said my name is riddhima and wife of vansh rai singhania. Then anupriya said to riddhima if you are vansh wife why you deal with outside member. Later riddhima said to them please leave my room, vansh return to home, angre said to vansh i will trace riddhima call.

Vansh feels happy and try drive the car, Angre said call location is VR Mansion, Vansh shocked. Riddhima try to phone vyom, vansh phone to riddhima. Riddhima asking to vansh where are you, Vansh said i am at home and asking to riddhima seen me from window.