Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22 July 2020 Written Update Today Episode 08

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 22 July 2020 Written Update. Riddhima said to vansh dust on sandals very normal thing for me. Then vansh said to riddhima just say truth why you came backyard after that all family members ask to riddhima these is the girl went to backyard. After that riddhima said yes yesterday night i went to backyard, Vansh asked why. Suddenly Aryan come & said to vansh she come for me. Then vansh asked her it’s real, Riddhima says no. But vansh said you feel tense so you went backyard to meet aryaan. After that vansh family members ask her why you went backward. Aryan says she simple girl, between me and her something happen, i would say our relation with these people

But suddenly riddhima slaps aryan. Later vansh realized nothing between riddhima and aryan. Then riddhima says what you know about me Then vansh said i know your the person went to backyard but why. Then riddhima says because of curiosity but once listen your voice i run away from their, leave from hall.

After that aryan mother said to his husband how dare you to hit my son. Later riddhima went pooja room ask her vansh grand mother if you don’t mind i will help you to do this pooja and ask to vansh dadi why did you do this pooja. Then she said to riddhima because of vansh. After that vansh given medicine to his sister. But riddhima came to massage to vansh sister but she realized vansh leaving from their then riddhima went vansh library, call to kabir. Then kabir said to riddhima search for bank papers, laptop or client details, transaction details. But suddenly stop his car and said his driver i am forgot my laptop and went his room & vansh seen riddhima in his room, ask her what did you doing in my room.