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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st September 2020 Written Update Episode 60

Last updated on 20/09/2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21st September 2020 Written Update IMMJ2 Episode 60 Spoiler begins with Riddhima opens the VR mansion house main door. Unknown person stood at outside. Riddhima asking “Ji aap kaun. Unknown person intraduced as a Devraj Singh Rathod and I am a wedding plannerRiddhima welcome him as a guest to the her house. At that anu priya come to the main door, asking him to come inside. Then Riddhima, Devraj, Anu Priya come inside the house. Later riddhima sit alone and think herself.

Devraj Rathod seen to riddhima, asking her may i help you. Vansh recognized devraj, stops to him and said we can’t trust unknow persons. After that Riddhima performing rangoli at hall alone, Devraj seen her and plan to kill herLater devraj released chandelier lights chain to kill riddhima and said all the best riddhima. Once chandelier fall down where riddhima is.

But few seconds later riddhima recognized something fallen on her. To know full story i.e who is devraj rathod, why he come for vansh mansion and who helped him to come vansh mansion and why he try to kill riddhima follow zeal study. Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 60 story updating soon.

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IMMJ2 21st Sep 2020

Ishani asking to anger i said to you if any parcel reached this house on my name must handover to me but you can’t do did what i am said. Riddhima hold the letter which come for ishani, come to the ishani room. At that time ishani suffering with vomiting. Anger holds dustbin, given water to him

Ishani says i don’t need water, i want my letter. Later riddhima entered ishani room, given letter to her which consists pregnent information. Ishani says it’s not my letter. Riddhima says i think no other important letter delivered to your name and said to her lab incharge phone and informed to vansh.

Later riddhima said to ishani this information know everyone. So you must informed the truth to everyone. Other end aryan mother listen what riddhima and ishani speaks. Aryan mother says thank you god because ishani is pregnant not riddhima. So i will informed to aryan.

After that vansh call to ishani. Ishani asking to riddhima how dare you to say about my issue to vansh bhai. Riddhima says i don’t tell him. When ishani went to hall vansh read the letter and asking to ishani. But anu priya try to cover ishani issue but vansh said she is not a kid

Ishani said if riddhima not killed sunny now he his dad for my baby and it’s good news for us. But she killed my sunny. Vansh said riddhima not killed sunny i will say to you already and it’s last time for you about that incident. Ishani said why you are over reacting this incident because so many ways for baby like given to orphan home, adoption. Aryan says she is correct

After that daadi says we you are all think like it’s 18 century or 21st century because it’s baby matters. Riddhima says if anger marry to ishani. Ishani says are you mad because he his our naukar how do you think like that.

Vansh says don’t talk like that ishani, Riddhima is my wife and angray is my employee not my naukar. Later vansh asking to angray do you marry me my sister. Angray says sorry please first asking your sister. Daadi says ishani don’t know everything, angray you say your opinion do you marry me or not. Angray says yes i am ready to marry. Vansh said thanks to angray

Anu priya informed to kabir about ishani marriage. Kabir asking to who’s marriage. Anu priya says ishani marriage. Kabir says this is the right time to execute our plans. Anu priya asking him how. Kabir says please leave it on me.

After that kabir entered as devrajsingh rathod and reached the vansh house. Riddhima opens the door and asking who are you kabir intraduced him as a devrajsingh rathod and said to some one call to me abour ishani marriage. Riddhima asking to him may i meet you before. Kabir says it’s small world

After that kabir explains ishani wedding plans. At that time vansh, angray come down staris. Kabir says are you vansh raysinghania. Vansh asking to devrajsingh who called you. Anu Priya says i will call him. Later vansh asking to devrajsingh where is your office and office address and room number

Devraj says office room number 503. Vansh doubts on devraj and asking him to last time which marriage are you planned. Devraj says shekhawat. Then vansh call to sekhawat, Sekhawat says devarajsingh name. Then devraj singhania asking to vansh you don’t trust me fine i leave this place. Vansh says no i just cross checking you.