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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21 October 2020 Written Update: Riddhima doubt on vansh


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 21 October 2020 Written Update Episode 90 Promo released. Through this promo announced a twist that when riddhima stepping into nails boad shouts vansh. Then vansh recognized riddhima in trouble, running upstairs, holds mata ki jyoti with his left hand.

At that time ishani said to angre and other family members vansh works with both hands and it’s benefit for him. Then riddhima remembered mystery person holds gun with left hand and targeted ragini, think herself i think may be vansh killed ragini, asking to vansh are you  leftee. Vansh said yes iam done any work with my both hands.

In previous episode anupriya with the help of chanchal arranged a nails board midway of riddhima when brings the mata ki jyoti. Once set the nails board both are stand along with family members and waiting for riddhima. To know full episode of IMMJ2 21 October 2020 follow zeal study web portal

immj2 21 oct 2020


Vansh recognized nails board after riddhima injured. At that time riddhima recognized memory card but vansh holds riddhima with his hands and taken her to their room. Riddhima asking to vansh i have some work i will went outside. But vansh can’t accepted.

Daadi comes to vansh room and asking about riddhima. Vansh says i will take care riddhima please go to your room. Daadi leaves the room, Then vansh said to his wife if anyone in this incident i will see their end. Chanchal feels fear, Anupriya says no one seen us and don’t recognized vansh. At that riddhima asking to vansh about ragini.

Vansh said don’t asking about ragini, asking to riddhima why you theft memory card from my laptop. Ishani informing me riddhima attached memory card to laptop but i can’t asking you, So you don’t asking me about ragini. After that vansh said i will says everything about ragini but you again asking about ragini and says to riddhima relations not built with questions. IMMJ2 title track played.

After that vansh comes to ishani, chanchal, anupriya asking about nails board and says i know chanchal, ishani don’t likes riddhima but i don’t beleave you mom you also participated in this incident. Riddhima went outside, searching about memory card but she don’t get memory card. For more upcoming episodes follow zeal study


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