Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2 November 2020 Written Update For Serial Episode 102

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 2 November 2020 Written Update for Most popular Hindi serial telecasted on Colors TV.  Here it is the promo of IMMJ2 Ep 102. In this promo both vansh and riddhima stand opposite side, riddhima crying. After that riddhima said to vansh like this shariri kay gav itni gehrai nahi hote vansh jaldi bhar jati vo.

Also, riddhima said kabhi kabhi dil kay gav jindagi bhar dar tey jatay hain. After that vansh think himself and replied dil ke gav ko dard shana sambhalna bahut mushkil ho sakte hain, yeh baat mujh se behtar kaun samajh sakte hain. After that riddhima leaves vansh and went to upstairs, At that time riddhima mangalsutra suddenly fallen from her neck. Vansh holds it.

In previous episode Vansh angre shifted ragini to another place, Riddhima finds where vansh present location with the help of location finder app. After riddhima speaks with ragini, asking about who try to kill her. Ragini shown vansh photo.

Later vansh returned to ragini room, asking to nurse she gets conscious. Angre says doctor informed to me ragini gets conscious with 2 days. After that vansh and angre returned to home. For more IMMJ2 Ep 102 Updates follow zeal study online web portal.

IMMJ2 02 Nov 2020

Vansh and ishani speaks about riddhima, ishani gets phone call from her friend and said iam at hospital. Vansh bring the phone but ishani said she is my friend. At that time riddhima comes to home, vansh asking to her what happen to you, riddhima asking to vansh what happen to your hand. Vansh says please come with me i will help you for first-id.

But riddhima leaves vansh hands and went to upstairs. After that angre gets ragini health reports and went to shown reports but ishani grabs angre phone, angre angry on ishani. Ishani asking to angre what is in your phone, but angre says i can’t say anything to you.

Riddhima went to mandir at VR Mansion asking to bappa please help me bappa. Vansh speaks with someone and said to him to do anything but riddhima can not went to outside. Riddhima listen vansh words, vansh leaves the place and riddhima comes to the room where vansh speak about riddhima. But once riddhima reach the room no one to room and vansh close the riddhima face with mask.

After that riddhima open the mask, vansh angry on riddhima and asking to riddhima don’t follow me. Riddhima asking to vansh do you kill me but i will find the truth about ragini. Later vansh said to riddhima let’s celebrate this moment, mix the pill on riddhima juice glass. Once drink the juice riddhima can’t move the legs. Later vansh said don’t worry riddhima with in few hours you will be alright.

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