Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st March 2021 2021 Written Update: Riddhima kidnapped, Vansh searching for his wife

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st March 2021 2021 Written Episode Update begins with Riddhima kidnapped, Vansh searching for his wifeDiamaa return to home and sayi asking to her when you return to home. Then diamaa speak with daadi aryan return to home, Sayi asking to aryaan why you feel tension and your clothes masked with dust. At the same time chanchal return to home and daadi asking her where are you going and chanchal said to daadi about rudra. After that daadi asking to family about riddhima. Chanchal said to daadi she is in the home. Later daadi said i don’t informed to you she is not at home.

After that daadi asking to sayi go to riddhima room and given fruits to her. Other end riddhima pray to the god, suddenly vehicle stopped and kidnapper asking to the other person i don’t know, lets down the vehicle. Once kidnapper down the car they recognized vehicle tire is punctured. Other end vansh reached the home, stop the car at outside the home and asking to kidnappers what happen but vansh do not know in the vechile riddhima is their and they kidnappers.

After that vansh said to kidnappers wait i will bring the stepney of car but kidnappers says no we have a kit and open the vehicle car door and set the tire, Vansh try to call riddhima phone and recognized phone sound in the vehicle but he do not cared. After that kidnappers drive the car, vansh sit inside the car, drive to his home and riddhima escaped from the car and shouts vansh. Later vansh stops the car but kidnappers again hits riddhima head and kidnapped again. After that kidnappers reached the hospital and all set for operation.

Sayi recognized the a letter which is written by riddhima and shown to daadi. Vansh reached the home, asking to family members where is riddhima. Again vansh asking to daadi what happen, Sayi given letter to vansh and vansh read the letter. Other end riddhima consious when she is at operation theater. Once gets the consious asking to doctors please leave me. But doctors seen a letter which is signed by vansh. Once seen a vansh signature riddhima couldn’t said anything and doctors read for operation.