Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 1st April 2021 Written Update Live Updates for Episode 232

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 (IMMJ2) 1st April 2021 Written Episode Spoiler Begins with riddhima and vansh. Vansh said to riddhima if you need water let’s taken this bottle. After that vansh asking to riddhima what you think inside the bottle. Then riddhima said i think not poison inside the bottle because my vansh not taken my life at any cost.

After that vansh said to riddhima your not my riddhima. Then riddhima said iam your riddhima. After that vansh asking to riddhima if you are my riddhima let’s drink the water. Riddhima holds the bottle and open the cap and smell the water and thrown water, Vansh angry on her and holds riddhima neck and says i know you are not my riddhima.

After that riddhima asking to vansh you know where riddhima is. Vansh says yes, Riddhima kisses vansh lips promo ends. To know Ishq Mein Marjawan Today Episode Live Updates follow zeal study web portal in regular intervals.

IMMJ2 1 April 2021 Written Episode

Riddhima says i want water, Vansh given small bottle to riddhima. Riddhima asking to vansh what it is. Vansh says if you are my riddhima don’t asking to me what it is. Then riddhima says i drink this water if iam not a pregnant. Vansh says you are not my riddhima and you are not a pregnant.

After that riddhima says iam you are wife, Vansh asking to her let’s drink the water. Riddhima thrown water on floor, vansh says i know you are not my riddhima, Riddhima kisses vansh and asking to him let’s tell me who iam. Vansh stands silently and remembered what riddhima said to him at swimming pool.

After that vansh went to his office room and seen riddhima through CCTV and asking to her why you do this, Because of you i will cheat daadi & vansh gets phone call and leave the room. When vansh seen riddhima through CCTV Aryan comes to his office room and seen riddhima and know riddhima still alive.

Later vansh meet anupriya and asking her how siya went outside after i locked at room. Ishani says siya looks beautiful like cat, So you don’t locked cat inside the room, If you locked cat escape from window. After that vansh phone to siya but siya cut the call. Ishani said siya not a kid. Anupriya asking to vansh where siya is going.

Later siya comes to vyom home and seen him when play music. After that vyom recognized siya at his room and asking to her your family knows where you are. Siya says iam not a kid and i don’t tell to them where iam. After that vyom asking to siya please tell me one thing and asking to siya how you know my home address.

Siya says you informed me the address. After that siya said to vyom if you not interested iam at your home i will leave the house. When she decided to return to home suddenly hits neil on hands, vyom given his dress, Siya says thanks. Later vyom play the music and i will given a name for this music i.e siya.

At VR Mansion aryan taken daadi to Vansh office room and says riddhima still a live. Daadi says it’s not possible. Aryan says no she still alive and asking to daadi let’s seen CCTV footage of Riddhima room. Daadi says ok, Aryan open the laptop but not seen riddhima. At that time vansh comes to his room, asking to daadi what aryan asking to seen you on my laptop.

Daadi says aryan says riddhima still alive. After that daadi asking to aryan let’s stop drinking, Aryan leave the room. Later daadi asking to vansh what aryan said to me is true. Vansh says yes but she is at secret location. Ishani call to angre and asking to him where are you know. Angre says iam at secret location, Ishani cut the call.

After that angre says to riddhima i feel you and vansh ideol couple for me. Riddhima asking to angre vansh waiting for you let’s leave the room. Later siya return to home, vansh angre on her, siya went upstairs.