Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th September 2020 Written Update: Ravi Rathod entered

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th September 2020 Written Update spoiler out. IMMJ2 Episode 59 begins with Riddhima opens the door of VR Mansion a man stand behind dooe. Later he introduced himself as a ravi rathod. After that anu priya, riddhima welcomes ravi rathod for Vansh Mansion. Riddhima sit alone on the couch, Ravi rathod comes to meet her, asking to her may i help you anything, try to hold riddhima hands

Vansh comes close to riddhima, hold her hands says to rathod i don’t trust anybody. Later ravi says if trust me complete game is over at a time. Vansh, Riddhima don’t understand what ravi said, Vansh seen ravi eyes think something. To know complete story of upcoming episode follow zeal study

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th September 2020 Written Update

In previous episode Mr.Desouza seen anu priya when her act as a mask man. Later anu priya killed desouza.When anu priya kills Mr.Desouza riddhima here the sound, try to searching what happen at mansion. But she can’t find anything.

Later vansh asking to riddhima don’t feel stress, Both are walk towords the hall. After that vansh asking to daadi what happen why did you eat like buffet system. Daadi says about desouza. At that Desouza body fallen from upstairs. All are stuuned. After that anu priya (mask man) meets kabir. Kabir ends the story of mask man.

Twist Previous Episode: Anu Priya son is kabir. For Episode59 Follow zeal study. Today episode begins with kabir asking to his mother i will lose my childhood days. Anu priya starts crying. Kabir says once this mission is complete we will leave quality life’s

Anu priya said look kabir riddhima some times behave like an idoit but vansh is to intelligent. So we won this mission right now we entered the vr mansion. Kabir says ok i am ready, if i made a plan vansh can not find.

After that vansh pack a bag with money and said to aryan father this money for Mrs Desouza family because she is very loyal for our family and it’s our duty to keep safe her family. I know Mrs. Desouza son david completed his MBA course, Her daughter meera completed singing course.

Riddhima listen what vansh said to aryan father and think herself vansh think about Mrs Desouza after she did wrong for this family, Anu Priya think herself vansh you be ready to face my son kabir. Vansh seen anu priya side, She said good job vansh.

Riddhima went to upstairs and think herself vansh help to desouza family so he can not kill desouza but what happen to ragini is it’s vansh fault. Vansh and anu priya speak something about riddhima, Anger brings the letter and placed on the table where vansh sit. Anu priya seen the letter which comes in the name of Mr. Ray Singhania, Vansh read the file and anu priya hold the letter leave that place

After that anu priya open the letter and feel tensed think her self how it’s happen and phone to kabir. But when anu priya phone to kabir she miss the letter, Letter fall on the floor. Anu priya informed to kabir about the letter. Kabir says if vansh read the letter our plan will be failed.

Later aryan mother read the letter and fold the letter. Anu priya recognized letter missing from her hands and searching for letter. Aryan mother shown to aryan. Later aryan think himself oh my god how this happen. At that daadi comes to aryan room and asking to him what are you doing. Aryan mother says nothing we just discussing about business.