Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 19th March 2021 Written Update: Vansh keep eye on riddhima moments

Ishq Mein Marajwan 2 (IMMJ2) 19th March 2021 Episode 221 spoiler begins with riddhima. When vansh sleeps riddhima left their bedroom but she don’t know vansh acts like sleeping. Once riddhima left the room vansh phone to angre. When vansh phone to angre he also sleeps but he lift the phone and listen what his boss siad to him.

Once vansh phone to angre informed to him carefully observe what riddhima done. After that riddhima carry violin box and left the box at angre room, return to her room. At that time vansh wakeup from bed and waiting for riddhima.

Once riddhima return to home mixed pills on water which is vansh try to drink. To know what happen IMMJ2 19th March 2021 i.e how riddhima gets the pills and why riddhima left violin box at angre room, why riddhima mix pills on water which is drink by vansh follow zeal study web portal.