Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18 August 2020 Written Update: IMMJ2 18 Aug

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18 August 2020 Written Update Today Episode. IMMJ2 18 August 2020 Telly Update beings with Riddhima other vansh playing piano. Riddhima asking to aryan clearly vansh doing murder. After that vansh mother says ragini. When her mother speaks ragini name vansh stops playing piano & asking to vansh are you thinking about ragini.Why can’t understand riddhima. Other side riddhima asking to aryan what vansh did to ragini, If it’s true i need your help. Aryan said to riddhima this world very selfish & riddhima says just leave it and asking to desouza what aryan said is right or wrong

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 18 August 2020 Written Update

Desouza says if speaking about ragini matter very dangerous. Riddhima asking to her just say the answer what iam asking you. Desouza says if vansh getting anger he can do anything like murder. Then riddhima think her self what happening to vansh with raggini. Later vansh mother asking to vansh why riddhimma need to know about ragini, why she so curious about this matter. Then vansh said to his mather i will handle this matter you don’t panicked i will just say ragini is may fiance. Then Vansh mother calling to riddhima please help me. After that riddhima went to her room realized aryan says correctly to me.

IMMJ2 18 August 2020 Written Update

Then riddhima think her self vansh murderer, try to inform this matter to kabir through land line but ishani cut the land line wire, calling to vansh. Vansh come and asking what to ishani. Ishani said she try to speak with someone via landline. But vansh asking to ishani fix the landline as it is & leave from hall, says sorry to riddhima.Then he asking to riddhima if you calling please tell me the number i will dial. Then riddhima said number to vansh but respective number is not reached.

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Then riddhima went to riya room asking to her for last excise but siya says sorry, iam very tied. After that riddhima try to contact kabir, asking siya phone. then siya give her phone, send message to kabir. Ishani seen what riddhima did & asking her do you send message to professor. Siya says riddhima riddhima written poetry on vansh. Other end kabir seen some message, ishani taken from riddhima’s hand & read the same message ishani & kabir.