Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th September 2020 Written Update: Kabir helps Mask Man

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th September 2020 Written Update spoiler released. IMMJ2: 17 Sep Promo begins with Riddhima, Kabir. Finally riddhima meet kabir at store room.

Later riddhima says who wears the yellow glove and mask that person try to kill the vansh, Thay’s why iam entering this room, Starts searching for mask man. Kabir stops riddhima when she try to find mask man, Signal to mask man to leave the house.

After that mask man leaves the store room and kabir informed to riddhima you come for this mansion because of secret mission. So must focus on the mission. Later kabir leaves the home & Riddhima think herself who is that yellow glove person, Come out from the room.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th September 2020 Written Update

After that someone walk away from the store room, Riddhima try to find him but she lose him. In previous episode Kabir try to say something about mask man through phone but mask man can’t lift the phone. Because of that kabir decided to went to VR Mansion

Other end Mrs Desouza seen yellow gloves at store room, Informed to riddhima. Riddhima enters the store room to find the mask man but riddhima seen kabir.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Episode 57 

Complete episode of IMMJ2 17 Sep 2020 updating here soon. Follow zeal study portal. Any one don’t know about previous episode story let’s verify now

Episode 57 begins with Riddhima meets kabir. Riddhima asking to kabir what are you doing here. Kabir says i think your self that’s why i am coming here and said to riddhima when shoot happen my self crying and i will very guilty and says sorry.

Riddhima says ok it’s fine. Other end mask man seen what riddhima and kabir speaks with each other. After that Kabir asking to riddhima when shoot out happen why you try to save vansh. Riddhima says kabir & Kabir asking to riddhima do you feel like he his your husband. Riddhima says anyone stand in the vansh place i will do same thing.

Later riddhima try to search for mask man, Kabir stops her and asking her why you searching for yellow glove person. Riddhima says what happen, Kabir says he his enemy of vansh that’s why he try to shoot vansh. Also, kabir remembered riddhima you came for mission. Riddhima says yes

Kabir says if you complete the mission then you will get the freedom. Also, said to riddhima you can search for yellow glove person, May be he his victim of vansh that’ why he try to kill vansh. Als, kabir signal to mask man to leave the room and mask man leave the house

Once mask man leaves the room, kabir informed to riddhima you must know the truth of ragini. Riddhima says i will send to ragini diary. Kabir think about ragini dairy and said i think it’s not a strong evidence. After that kabir leaves the home

Later Riddhima come to her room, Vansh asking to riddhima still you can’t use medicine. Riddhima gets the he-cups. Vansh hugs riddhima. Riddhima stops the he-cups. After that vansh asking her stops your he-cups. She said yes.