Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th March 2021 Written Update: Riddhima agree for another deal

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 IMMJ2 17th March 2021 Episode 219 Spoiler out. Today episode spoiler begins with riddhima, vyom. Riddhima said to vyom what you want from me now you will get it so deal between us is over. Then vyom informed to riddhima not yet over deal between us it’s just beginning and not over the deal yet.

Riddhima shocked, Vyom hold his phone and shown snipper photo riddhima. After that vyom said to riddhima this sniper placed at VR mansion so you will get this sniper for me. Then riddhima accepted the deal and return to VR Mansion and searching for snipper and get the snipper. Then riddhima try to stolen the snipper.

At that time vansh catches riddhima and said to her finally i will find who is theft. Other vansh informed to daadi what riddhima did, daadi said to vansh who try to cheat VR Family they will get punishment i.e death and angre, aryan shocked to listen daadi words. To know Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th March 2021 Written Update follow zeal study web portal.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17 March 2021 Written Update

Riddhima brings diamonds and given to vyom, said to him our deal is end. Vyom said not yet our deal end, Aryan said to vansh diamonds stolen by riddhima so i will informed to daadi. Angre said to aryan we do not riddhima stolen by diamonds. After that daadi comes to vansh room and said to vansh who try to cheat us they will get punishment is death.

Also daadi said to vansh if riddhima stolen diamonds killed her and given riffle to vansh. Vyom shown Same Riffle image to riddhima and asking to her stolen the riffle at any cost then our deal is end. After that riddhima return to VR mansion and hold the gun to stolen the gun. At that time vansh comes to riddhima said to her i will find who is theft.

After that vansh said to riddhima we lose diamonds, Riddhima shocked and asking to vansh what we lose the diamonds. Later riddhima meet vyom and said to him i can’t theft riffle. Vyom again asking to riddhima did you theft riffle or not. Riddhima said no at that time vyom hits riddhima and asking to her to theft riffle or not. Then riddhima accepted.

Later vansh said to daadi riddhima can not theft diamonds. Daadi asking to vansh how can you said like this. Vansh said because riddhima is our family member. Then daadi said to vansh chanchal is our family members you what she done for us. Also daadi said to vansh you must think like VR Industries Boss.

After that riddhima return to home, aryan kidnapped riddhima, Said to her you done so much to us. Vansh asking to ishani where is riddhima, Ishani said i don’t know. Aryan asking to riddhima did you steel the diamonds. Riddhima can’t say anything, Aryan holds gun and asking again. Finally accepted riddhima iam the theft and i am stolen dimaonds.

Then aryan try to kill riddhima but suddenly vansh comes to riddhima and shoot aryan hands. Riddhima said to vansh aryan try to kill me. Aryan said to vansh riddhima stolen diamonds. After that vansh asking to riddhima did you steel the diamonds. Riddhima stands silently then vansh holds the gun and asking to riddhima again.

At that time sayi comes to vansh and said to him daadi calling you. Then vansh comes to meet daadi, Later vansh seen vyom at his home. Riddhima shocked, Vansh said to riddhima vyom is my old friend.

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