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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th February 2021 Written Update Serial Episode 195

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17th February 2021 Written Update for Episode 195. IMMJ2 Latest episode released on VOOT Select App before the television. Here it is the latest episode both kabir and riddhima reached the mysterious place. At that place kabir set red color roses and lights. After that kabir and riddhima performing the dance but riddhima doesn’t know she dance with kabir. Few minutes later kabir try to hugs riddhima. At that time riddhima realized he is not vansh, remove hand clothes and taken the clothe which is covered on eyes. After that riddhima know the truth i.e dance with someone but he his not vansh. Once riddhima remove the eye clothes kabir hide him self, vansh entered the seen and hugs his wife. At that time kabir thrown flower jug on vansh but riddhima drags vansh.

Previous Episode of IMMJ2

In previous episode vansh holds riddhima test reports, riddhima said to vansh i have another surprise. Vansh asking to riddhima what are you doing, Riddhima said to him i will recorded baby heart beat sound and brings for you. Then vansh listen sound and crying, riddhima to seen vansh and starts crying and said to him now you feel world best father. After that vansh sleep on the bed and think about riddhima words. After that chanchal husband sit with chanchan and said to her today you looks so beautiful. Then chanchal said to her husband you just remembered your age. But chanchal husband asking to her please close eyes and given golden neckless.

After that angre said to ishani happy valentine days, ishani hugs angre and said i love you. Later riddhima checks vansh clothes at that time vansh comes to riddhima and close riddhima mouth, Riddhima shocked. After that riddhima realized vansh appearance. Then after vansh said to his wife today i will kidnaps you. Few minutes after riddhima gets a message i.e i will wait at backyard meet me after one hour. Later riddhima ready to meet vansh at backyard. Sayi asking to riddhima what is the plan today & riddhima said to siya vansh plan a surprise that’s why i will went to backayard. Once she went to backyard aryan said to riddhima happy valentine, Riddhima says same to you.

Once riddhima reached backyard someone close riddhima eyes. At home vansh asking to angre about diamonds but suddenly vansh realized his promise and comes to his room and searching for riddhima but she is not at home. At that time siya comes to vansh and said to him you said to bhabhi come to backyard that’s why she went to backyard. Once vansh reached the backyard vansh recognized bangles of riddhima. Other end riddhima thinks vansh sit with her and asking to him where we are going. But kabir sit in the car and think himself we both today celebrated valentine day with out vansh.

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