Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17 October 2020 Written Update: Riddhima finds ragini clue

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 17 October 2020 Written Update For Episode 86. Today episode promo begins when vansh sleep in his room riddhima silently opens the vansh laptop, connected Pendrive to know what inside the drive. Once she open the pendrive gets shocking footage.

Riddhima seen ragini video inside the drive. In the video ragini asking to unknow please leave me & don’t kill me. Then riddhima think herself who is mystery person try to kill ragini. Vansh wakeup on bed, realized riddhima not at room, Promo ends. To know IMMJ2: 17 Oct 2020 Full Episode Written Update subscribe VOOT select.

In previous episode Riddhima performing durga mata pooja. Daadi says vansh not attended the navaratri pooja since his mom left him. Then aryan says i know that but riddhima don’t know anything about vansh. Later Anupriya revels the truth i.e i have a baby before the marriage. Vansh family members shocked to listen Anupriya words. After that anupriya says once riddhima know this matter she blackmailed me. Riddhima says no. Vansh says my mom don’t lie to me.

IMMJ2 17 Oct 2020


Anupriya trying to punish herself in front of family members. Vansh try to stops her mom and huts himself. Anupriya says to vansh i will punish myself don’t stop me. Vansh and other family members leaves the area. Later anupriya shouts on riddhima.

Riddhima went to room and asking to vansh let me done bandage for hand. Vansh says no. Chanchal says to aryan i am so scared i will think my self vansh know our secrets. Aryan says if riddhima know the secret she informed to all of us at any time.

Kabir phone to riddhima and asking to her help because he suspended from job because of vansh. Riddhima says i can’t do anything. Kabir is vansh is devil but riddhima says i trust vansh

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